Datsun Z and ZX · Inside each FSM, you’ll find repair information that the dealer-trained service technicians used everyday. While the FSM. Z. ELECTRONIC. FUEL INJECTION. • THEORY. • TROUBLESHOOTING. Page 2. Z. ELECTRONIC. FUEL INJECTION. • THEORY. z. Here are the fusible link locations for a z: I verified these in my engine compartment using a multimeter as drawings in the FSM and.

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In all seriousness, maintaining the current Nissan and Infiniti manuals is a challenge in itself. It covers the fusible links and voltage regulator. These manuals are significantly better, and more accurate, than a Haynes or Chiltons manual, since the information is developed by the manufacturer to be used by Nissan-trained technicians. It was labled as a Gross Polluter but a smog repair stations in my area wont work on it because its “too old” which is bullshit.

I verified these in my engine compartment using a multimeter as drawings in the FSM and postings on various forums were conflicting. Thank God for PO’s! How can I thank you enough? Select your vehicle to access the Factory Service Manuals:. Sign in Already have an account? Another benefit of having an FSM on hand is that occasionally, reference will be made to special tools and other information uniquely known by the dealership service centers. One bad spark plug,or wire, or a bad distributor cap, can fail you.


A bad valve adjustment will alter cam timing enough to fail you. Proper and complete tune-up which includes an oil change. Fusible links are usually in the form of wires but some are made from flat springy metal.

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They also have AGU glass fuse version. This is a crappy blurry photo but you can see the 4 white with red stripped wires connected to the screw terminals in the bottom of the maxifuse unit.

Sign up for a new account in our community. And describe, in detail, what shape the engine is in, including any odd modifications. Datsun Owners Manual. fsj

Datsun Service Manuals – NICOclub

Feel free to email us at webmaster nicoclub. Likely you have killed your catalyst but you got to get the engine running properly first before you go on a highway blast to see if you can clean off the catalytic substrate Posted October 13, Buy fusible link parts at Banzai. You can smell the exhaust which fms alarming for me. Fusible links are designed to melt and not catch fire.

Select your vehicle to access the Factory Service Manuals: Posted October 12, This is as per 75 FSM. Don’t you just love the “detailed engine compartment” the PO claimed!!! Paying for a pretest to avoid “Gross Polluter” tag is always prudent if you suspect something.

Keep in mind, most of the early Datsun manuals were translated, often poorly, and are sometimes more comedic than helpful! Well, you get fem you pay for. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.


Factory Service Manuals

Already have an account? The 77 FSM differs from real life on this matter. We provide our members access to the same factory-published FSM for free. Fusible fdm are the same as fuses. The other Red’s are 50A. The black with red stripe wire was from a gutted sx battery cable.

Datsun Service Manuals

The labels on the side of the 76 FSM say: I just cut back the wiring harness wrapper to expose the crazy splicing. High CO and HC indicates a rich mixture. Sign In Sign Up. Get a temporary permit to drive gsm car and put some miles on it. Start with new fuel and, as already mentioned, the basics: Post the actual numbers from the test. And fix all of the simple stuff, like “bad gas”.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Don’t assume it’s something simple. It was sitting for like a year maybe its the old gas? Datsun Datsun Service Manual.