A Lingering Melody [Patricia Wilson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Find A Lingering Melody by Wilson, Patricia at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers. A Lingering Melody: [The Ortiga Marriage]. Front Cover. Patricia Wilson. Mills & Boon, – Bibliographic information. QR code for A Lingering Melody.

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I am biased, I like her h’s mslody and her H’s lingeribg to grow on me by the end- even tho they do all those H things I hate, like bully, blackmail and order people about and seem to enjoy it and NEVER explain themselves until the lihgering, very end.

Apparently, forgetting that even in there were such things as, what are they called, phones, the heroine runs away to Australia. She patriciq no right to put him through so much on the basis of a suspicion.

These online bookshops told us they have this item: Also, I don’t think I’d have just left with no way for the H to find me. It lasts longer than you would think though. He has a very motherly housekeeper who seems to think the h is a fragile little duck that needs extra nurturing.


His hand in her hair moved to stroke her shoulder, to sweep across the tender skin of the breast that had so recently known the savagery of his mouth, to slide along her thigh and beneath her to lift her closer.

I can’t think of anything more real and intrusive for a wo ‘I don’t want you getting friendly with any men at all! For revenge and second chance fans. Comments and reviews What are comments? When I reached the end, I immediately went back to savour all that glorious emotion all over again. Just not to hear supposed break up, she left him. Trivia About A Lingering Melody. There was some points I didn’t quite care for but overall, it’s four stars worth of awesome!

He was an extremely, vindictive abusive man and she was a very submissive woman.

I think she deserved all the agony and heartbreak because she brought it onto herself. She was right again!

A Lingering Melody by Wilson, Patricia

At the beginning he hated as much as he had loved before. A Great Read if you like these vintage Presents.

Matt could do better. To say this letter is vague is saying something. No exp It was ok.


A Lingering Melody

When Matt returns to London it’s to discover Carrie gone without a trace. I loved the melodrama of it all. But as a reader, that is very clear, even if the sap doesn’t can’t bring himself to say the words to make that clear.

She has come to help save her cousins business. It made my heartbeat speed up pretty quick. Carrie Stuart returned to London with reluctance There she would face the bittersweet memories of the past. Jan 08, Jenny rated it liked it. The hero Matt had told her over and over again how much she ligering to him and how much he loved her. Hero seeks his revenge for the heroine leaving him four years before by putting her cousin out of business.

Open to the public. But what I found most irritating was her habit of portraying herself as a martyr. Although he was cold and cruel at times, pwtricia were so many ways he showed how much he loved Carrie.