Rescuing a man whose ship had been floundering at sea, Isabel Spense takes aboard ruthless privateer Simon Dante, who promptly seizes command of. Read “Across A Moonlit Sea” by Marsha Canham with Rakuten Kobo. A book of high adventure and romance, set in the time of Queen Elizabeth’s infamous sea. A book of high adventure and romance, set in the time of Queen Elizabeth’s infamous sea hawks, privateers who banded together to disrupt the armada Spain.

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Lust, admiration, lust, and at the very end, respect and lustmarsja all equate to love. She wr I loved, loved, loved this book! Please review your cart. Thank goodness there’s more books in this series because it just got added to my top shelf of all-time fav adventure-romance. The only complaint if I were being nitpicky?

Across a Moonlit Sea by Marsha Canham on Apple Books

They run into an English flotilla headed by none other than Sir Francis Drake, and the eea Simon wants dead by all rights. The storyline of Across a Moonlit Sea was very engaging and interesting. Canham is a very detailed writer. Sez if you have enough points for this item.

Set in the time of Queen Elizabeth’s “sea hawk” captains who ruled the seas with her tacit approval and disturbed the growing Spanish armada, this well-told tale features a wonderful heroine, Beau Isabeau Spencea long-legged, red-haired, golden-eyed beauty of 20, who stole away to sea as a young girl to be a part of her father’s crew on his merchant ship.

The title should be at least 4 characters long. She is one of the best female characters I’ve read in a long time. I’m excited to read the next book. I feel like bowing at the feet of Marsha Canham for her ability to write such brilliant sea- faring pirate adventures. In the process, they successfully raid a floating Spanish treasure trove, with royalty on board.

Paperbackpages. It should have been four fricking stars. I I feel like bowing at the feet of Marsha Canham for her ability to write such brilliant sea- faring pirate adventures. Books by Marsha Canham. Stealing Heaven Celtic Rogues, book 4. I will admit, I was highly sceptical when I first started reading this book.


Because one of those can pout. To throw it in with such a tawdry sub-genre is a disservice to all who have yet to discover such a gem.

Simon Dante is a pirate’s pirate and Beau is the atypical female lead in this genre, which is a good thing. I prefer my romance with an undercurrent of laughter, but this book takes itself seriously from the start, with two characters who exhibit nothing but anger. I’ll read any Marsha Canham novel!

Then there was the supporting cast with an additional romance thrown into the mix with two motley crews of seamen, friends and confidantes, a father talking to his daughter about itches that might need to be scratched, a hulking Cimaroon with his two gleaming scimitars, a gunman with unsteady sea legs constantly falling in love Dump Beau on your way to the nearest island for Moolit shall be waiting by the docks with my breast heaving and all that cliche jazz Apr 09, Shelly rated it liked it Shelves: Lots of action, romance, and hot sex.

Sparks fly immediately between Dante and Beau, mostly thanks to the “unorthodox” way his crew come to stay on board the Egretand later due to the palpable attraction between them. It also had some historical people added as characters. Isabeau “Beau” is no simpering little lady. In the book, she brings the sea and salted air to life and you can actually feel the recoil of the cannons when the fire aross as well as feel the masts splinter when the fire is returned.

Oct 14, Rebecca rated it liked it Shelves: Tall, black-haired, blue-eyed French nobleman and sea captain Simon Dante, now a sea hawk for the British Crown, has also known betrayal in love and has no interest in marriage.

The action sequences were breathtaking and intense, culminating in the singeing the King of Spain’s beard in the port of Cadiz serving as backdrop to a much smaller battle brewing in the peripheral vision since the prologue. When it came to the actually plot, I think it was well thought out, but lacked a little in the personal details of the main characters.


This cabham the story of the Pirate Wolf, Simon Dante, and the only woman who could be his match in battle and in love.

The mere mention of “lady pirate books” would have me diving for cover behind the potted palms. Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. She is fearless, independent and an adventurer who loves life at sea–and with vanham secret talent that sets her apart. I’m ended up buying ALL the other e-books from this author.

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If I ever, ever, read another Canham book, I’d like a sign canuam says – sex scene upcoming, skip pages x through xx so I do not ever have subject myself to a crying, running, overly moist vagina scene ever again. Simon is a half-French half-English aristocrat and, after his first wife bore children by two other men while he was away at sea, has good reason to mistrust women.

Mar 06, Mitzi rated it it was amazing Shelves: Unfortunately, canahm series all too easily comes to mind when Acrows think of any sort of pirate book. I really enjoyed his character. The things between them that made them interesting, such as Christiana pretending to be Dona Maria, and not telling Geoffrey, Geoffrey feeling less than deserving because he was not noble blood and she supposedly was, differing religions, hell, warring countries, would have made a more interesting relationship to dig into.

Bound By The Heart. To view it, click here. There were parts of this novel I adored! It Ain’t Me, Babe.