Manuals and User Guides for Ricoh Pentax AFFGZ II. We have 1 Ricoh Pentax AFFGZ II manual available for free PDF download: Operating Manual . The AF FGZ also features a wide array of automatic flash functions. These include PTT-L auto flash, TTL auto flash, standard auto flash and a manual mode. Turn on & Green program sync and it will work it all out for you no mater what exposure mode you are in even M manual. You can then get.

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Many nanual today include built-in image stabilization systems, but when it comes to video that’s still no substitute for a proper camera stabilization rig. Thanks for the replies lads.

All in all I’m very happy with it but ask me again in a year, I might have more to say. Lowest power is not enough. I’m hoping to be able to achieve lighting similar to the below displayed picture shortly I wonder why the price disparity.

Magazine Magazine Home Issue Archive. Best cameras and lenses I agree with both posts.


High speed sync on AFFGZ

The Pentax flash has an auto sleep function as well, saving your battery life. Possibly you could do something similar with 2x flashes? However, some prefer to disable this auto feature, and this is easily accomplished if that is your preference. What am i missing?

High speed sync on AF540FGZ

Letter from the reviews editor: Modeling-light feature strobes the flash for one second, so the photographer can check for unwanted shadows or highlights. However one flash is more than enough to start with and you can still make some great pictures with one light source.

The best camera bargains of Why I bought this camera As flash intensity declines with distance, the guide number is especially critical. Looks like 2 light sources, neither from the camera.

Most ,anual in this forum. For reference, this was one that was bounced off the wall because the room was too small for me to fit my umbrellas. P-TTL mode with pre-flash allows for more accurate flash photography. This item doesn’t belong on this page. Overall, the flash draws reasonably low from battery life.

Pentax AF FGZ Shoe Mount Flash for Pentax | eBay

It is however possible that I misinterpreted the meaning of your statement. I also said that the output is consistent but to be honest I haven’t really tested it, it recycles quickly enough for me but that may be subjective.


In fact, the power in this flash leads the Pentax line of cameras and accessories. I believe both of these points will be more satisfactory if good quality batteries are used. Subscribe to our Newsletter!

Idiots guide to the AF540fgz flash

Get the book I recommended earlier by Neil van Niekerk. It will take you from beginner to advanced, and provide all sorts af540fz illustrations to boot. The Pentax flash has degree vertical and degree horizontal adjustable angles to ensure your camera has lighting to capture the shot optimally.

You can then get more creative after a while. Top of the line, dedicated flash for Pentax. And, it is something that you can do virtually anywhere there is a wall or ceiling to bounce off.