The widest selection of Ground Stations and Very Small Aperture Terminals ( VSAT) including portable, flyaway, vehicle, marine, internet and SNG Antennas for. A complete product portfolio for Broadcast, Consumer and Enterprise VSAT, Cellular Backhaul and Trunking, Government and Defense., Consumer & Enterprise. SIRM è un fornitore indipendente di soluzioni VSAT per il settore marittimo . Le soluzioni SIRM possono essere richieste utilizzando antenne.

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Knowledge with different product like: Click image for more examples. VSATs are also used for transportable, on-the-move utilising phased array antennas or mobile maritime communications. On April 6,the first commercial satellite was launched into space, Intelsat Inicknamed Early Bird. I have build up a team of professional engineers that work all around Africa.

He can install modems: Projects ranging from consultancy, Design, Deployment and Support in the field of service provider core and access network. The major companies market share in terms of number of vessels in service were in in parenthesis according to these reports: The polarisation adjustment angle has not yet been applied. We have done jobs all over Nigeria, and even on the West African coast.


Very-small-aperture terminal

We have varied experience in installation of 1. PNouakchott, Mauritanie Mobile: Motors and sensors are used to keep the antenna pointed accurately at the satellite. No matter what the size 4. O3b technologies and tracking antennas. Kind regards, Benjamin Warui Chege Contacts: Supply printer and consumable.

We also offer Television uplinks and great deal of experienced with wireless ISP projects. C band VSAT terminal installation. In addition to our standard VSAT products we can also provide special customized products such as high wind antennas, motorized fixed antennas, custom antemne, installation mounts and anti-icing.

Lda, Mozambique – Maputo Av. VSAT installation, site survey, commissioning and equipment anenne. C band circular polarisation. Berhanu Mamuye, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Ghana and Central Africa Republica. Experience on C-band and Ku-band with antenna sizes 1.

Please email richardmuteru yahoo. I’m available to handle any project you might have in Benin or the West Africa region.

This site uses cookies, including third party cookies, to send you advertising and services in line with your preferences. Over years we have perfected our RF experience and IP engineering. Zibhino Rodriguez Ango Sales Dept. VSAT installers general index.


Block Up Converter — Wikipédia

I am based in Nairobi, Kenya and can work antene. Based in Cairo, Egypt and willing to travel anywhere. More details vsat-installer and installation pictures. He has worked with most of the regulatory authorities in southern Africa and can organise licensing.

The antenna part of a marine VSAT system must be stabilized with respect to the horizon and true north as the ship moves beneath it. VSAT install details and pictures He is available to offer ground operations for any satellite service provider within the region. Specialist in Wi-Fi Vsta have done installations and after sales service in Southern Africa. This is a very long page. Please email khekonya solution4u.