These drugs are used for the treatment of asthma. They may be useful either in the treatment or prevention of asthma attacks. Antiasthmatic drugs are medicines that treat or prevent asthma attacks. of the newer corticosteroids may minimize the adverse effects of this class of drugs. WebMD explains common asthma treatments that can keep you breathing easy.

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Long-acting beta antagonists Clwssification are bronchodilators. Marijuana and Asthma Marijuana cannabis is being legalized in many states. When used to prevent asthma attacks, cromolyn must be taken as directed every day.

These include oral and nasal spray antihistamines and decongestants, as well as corticosteroid and cromolyn nasal sprays. If you or your child uses an inhaler, be sure to have backups. Types of Anti-Asthmatic Drugs. Examples of serious side effects include:.

Common side effects and Precautions. Mayo Clinic does not endorse companies or products. Long-acting beta 2 agonists: Potential side effects of theophylline include insomnia and gastroesophageal reflux.

Severe asthma patients should not take aspirin and anti-inflammatory painkillers without consulting doctors. These anti-inflammatory drugs are the strongest and most commonly prescribed long-term asthma drugs. Leukotrienes are substances in your lungs that cause the air passages to constrict.


Asthma medications: Know your options – Mayo Clinic

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. Rare but serious side effects include bronchospasms, which are muscle spasms in the drhgs which narrow your airways.

Rare but serious side effects can include bronchospasm and throat spasm. Description Three types of drugs are used in treating and preventing asthma attacks: Dugs of leukotriene inhibitors include montelukast and zafirlukast. Methylxanthines are bronchodilators that are also thought to have some anti-inflammatory effects. Humidity can affect asthma and ultimately worsen or trigger symptoms. These handheld devices are used to pump medicine into your lungs.

Inhaled beta 2-agonists are the most effective bronchodilators. They can be bulky and loud.

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Unless specified on the label, medicines should not be stored in refrigerators. Humidity and Asthma Humidity can affect asthma and ultimately worsen or trigger symptoms. Although they’re effective, they’ve been linked to severe asthma attacks.

Asthma Medications

These biological drugs target eosinophils and cytokines, reducing their numbers within the body and lowering inflammation. Because it has few, if any, side effects, cromolyn is safe to use over long periods of time. Then you’ll get a series of injections containing small doses of those allergens. They’re always used along with an inhalable corticosteroid. Anti-asthmatic drugs should be kept in a cool and dry place. It may be used either with or as an alternative to short-acting beta agonists.

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One example of a methylxanthine is theophylline Theochron, Theo, Elixophyllin. They can cause bothersome short-term side effects and more-serious side effects if they’re taken for a long period.

Eosinophils secrete substances, called cytokines, which cause inflammation. Should be used with caution in patients with hyperthyroidism, cardiovascular disease, arrhythmias, susceptibility to QT-interval prolongation, and hypertension Should also be used with caution in diabetic patients – monitor blood glucose may be required due to the risk of ketoacidosis, especially when beta 2 agonist given intravenously.