Kitab ar-Ruh: Soul’s Journey After Death: Abridgement with Commentary [Ibn Al- Qayyim, Layla Mabrouk] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Ar-Ruh Ibn Al-Qayyim. Ar-Ruh Ibn Al-Qayyim. Identifier Ar-ruhIbnAl-qayyim. Identifier-ark ark://t9sz6h. Ocr ABBYY FineReader Abridged version of Soul’s journey after death by Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah, student of Ibn Taymiyya, a Hanafi scholar and a Sufi of the Qadiri.

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Notify Admin about this post. How on earth a sane Muslim can justify the fake stories from a book like fadaail-e-aamaal and rest of soofee fiction? Soofees are truly insane! Then you built hanbalee sufism and shamelessly included Ibn al-Qayyim amongst them?

I will list insha Allaah what the research of the scholars has been with regards to this book and the radd of Ibn al-Qayyim upon the Soofees and their khuraafee practises so that there remains no doubt and confusion with the permission of Allaah regarding Ibn al-Qayyim and his aqeedah!

There are six important things to be observed.

– Kitab-ar-Ruh – Its Attribution To Ibn Al-Qayyim

If they were to gather all the statements of the same scholar in question, his usool then they would miserably fail in proving qayylm deception! The one whom they claim to blind follow in creed, they strenuously oppose him in fiqh.

Then the one whom they claim to blind follow in hadeeth and its sciences, they would vigorously oppose him in creed. Then how do they accept kitaab-ar-Ruh and most of the narrations in it relating to dreams and events that are extremely weak?

And this related to the aspects of Aqeedah and they have no hesitation in accepting it, while they reject Kharb-ul-Ahhaad in the matters of fiqh. Astonishingly, they also reject certain aspects of aqeedah of ahl-us-Sunnah with an excuse of Khabr-ul-Ahhaad! This should send shock waves around soofee circles and let the blood in those hands clot that have given secret bayah to their fake shaykhs by the permission of Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic!!! Ibn al-Qayyim rahimahullaah said: Then came Abu Haamid meaning al-ghazaalee who caused the valley to landslide over!

I will list in due course from various other books of the Shaykh rahimahullaah, his kalaam in this regard.

We shall see some of these later. And he points to page 87 – where he mentions some of them and their inauthenticity. I will add later on insha Allaah what the Shaykh rahimahullah said about Thalqeen and its related athar from Imam Ahmed rahimahullaah. This contains a write-up praise from Shaykh Ibn Baaz rahimahullaah.

Ar-Ruh Ibn Al-Qayyim

Before anyone should claim, I picked up a rare quote from I’laam and G. Haddaad’s muqallids circulate his baathil tafseer of some words of Ibn al-Qayyim in his Nooneeyah, I would like to re-assert that Ibn al-Qayyim really meant it insha Allaah. Here is a scan from Sawaaiq al-Mursilah, so you have another task to prove if he this was written before Kitab ar Ruh, if this ascription to Kitab ar Ruh is really correct!!!

More to follow Bi-Idhnillaah!! He points out that it contains narrations that are not authentic. Amazingly, much much below Qiyaas.

So this is the manhaj of Ibn al-Qayyim rahimahullaah! You will not find apart from this insha Allaah a single instance where he rahimahullaah quoted any radd from many rudood of the scholars from the Taabi’een and Attba ut Taabi’een upon Abee Haneefah rahimahullaah inspite of them being numerous. And right after this he quotes the usool of Maalik rahimahullaah which demolishes the claims of soofeeyah!


This leaves the soofeeyah in hot water insha Allaah! This also does not contradict with the research of Shaykh Bakr rahimahullaah nor the statements of Shaykh Naasir, Shaykh Ibn Baaz rahimahumullaah! As we have mentioned previously, it has been established in the sahih hadith, that Umar radhiAllaahu anhu is a muhaddath of this nation.

For any other muhaddath, or receiver of inspirations and intuitions which we assume to exist in this nation, Umar radhiAllaahu anhu is better than him. And yet, Umar always did that which was obligatory upon him: Sometimes they would be in agreement, and this would be evidence of the high rank of Umar and his piety.

In this way, the Qur’an was revealed ratifying the opinion of Umar which he had expressed before it revelation on several occasions. Other times, what occurred to Umar would be at variance with the message of Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallamand Umar would retract his original position as soon as he realized this, as in his retracting his opinion at the treaty of Hudaibiya when at first he was determined that the Muslims should engage the Mushrikeen in battle.

This hadith is well known, and is found in the collection of Bukhari and others.

The Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam set out to make ‘umrah minor pilgrimage in the sixth year of the migration along with fourteen hundred Muslims. These were are the Muslims who took the oath under the tree. The Qzyyim had made a treaty with the associationists, after discussions with them, in which it was stipulated that he should turn back to Madinah in that year and come for ‘Umrah in the following year. There were various other conditions which seemed to be unfair to the Muslims.

This was extremely difficult for many of the Muslims, and Allah and His Prophet duh best the great benefits in that treaty. Umar was one of those who strongly disliked this treaty such that he said to the Prophet: Abu Bakr radhiAllaahu anhu answered him with the same answers which the Prophet had given Umar, though he had not heard of the conversation between them. Umar subsequently retracted his position and said about this incident: Then, when Abu Bakr told him inn he had indeed died, he retracted his first statement.

Also in the battles against those who withheld their zakat, during the caliphate of Abu Bakr. Umar said to him: When they do that, their lives sayyim their property are protected except for the rights of Islam. This is because Abu Bakr was As-Siddique i. On the other hand, one who is muhaddath takes things from his own heart or intuitions, and these are not protected from falling into error, and so he needs always to measure them against that which has been brought by the Prophet, the protected from falling into error.

So qayyjm seems to me, the new task for our soofee opponents is to prove if Madaarij us Saalikeen was written prior to Kitab ar Ruh? From whom have they received qayyyim Are you feeling too lonely? Why not find any other forged book on Dhahabee and we shall take it from there insha Allaah? The overwhelming Shirk in the Ummah has been from the direction of Pictures and Graves. Ibn al-Qayyim rahimahullaah re-iterates in I’laam: Opinion of So and So OR 2. Whisperings Of The Heart Hope you soofees stop making excuses behind Kitab-ur-Ruh.


I am yet to reveal Ibn al-Qayyim’s aqeedah bit by bit bi-idhnillaah!!! Abu Haneefah and myself entered upon Ja’far Ibn Muhammad Ibn Hanafeeyah and greeted him with salaam for I had friendly relations with him. Then I addressed to Ja’far Ibn Muhammad rahimahullaah. Ja’far said to me: Is he Nu’maan ibn Thaabith?

Then Rhh Haneefah said to him: Yes It is memay Allaah qqyyim you goodness. Ja’far said to him: I am superior to him for You created me with fire and You created him with clay.

Then he said to Abee Haneefah: It ruu Laailaaha Illallaah. If one were to only say, Laa Ilaaha and say nothing beyond that then he becomes a mushrik.

So this is the kalimah whose former part is shirk and the latter part is eemaan! Then he Ruuh as-Saadiq rahimahullaah said: May lbn be upon destruction! What is greater and heavier with Allaah? Killing a soul that which Allaah has forbidden or zinaa? But rather Killing a soul then Ja’far as-Saadiq said: Verily Allaah has ordained in his ag two witnesses for killing but with regards to zinaa not less than four witnesses are acceptable, so then of what standing is your qiyaas?

Then he Ja’far as-Saadiq said: Inb is heavier and greater with Allaah: Imam Aboo Haneefah responded: The Salaah, then Ja’far as-Saadiq rahimahullaah said: Then why is it that the menstruating woman has to make up for her fasts while she is exempted from making up her salaah? Alhamdulillaah Imam Aboo Haneefah left qiyaas and his final waseeyah was: Fear Allaah O slave of Allaah! So do not af qiyaas.

Tomorrow, we and you shall be gathered in front of Allah: And Ibn Wahb said: I heard Maalik bin Anas saying: Two things I am leaving behind if you hold fast to them, you shall never go astray, the Book of Allaah and my Sunnah.

The Messenger of Allaah Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Sallam was the Imaam Of Muslimeen and the Sayyid leader of Aalameen both mankind and jinn and whenever he would be questioned he would not answer until the wahee comes down from the heavens. And we seek Allaah’s Help from these desires and place our reliance upon Him.

The fourth Usool of Imam Ahmed rahimahullaah was to adopt mursal and da’eef hadeeth in order to extract rulings and base the fatwa upon with a condition that there is no saheeh hadeeth opposing it with fully connected chain of narration.

He would give precedence to such narrations over qiyaas. But be reminded, that da’eef does not imply baathil or munkar narration. Neither it is such a hadeeth whose narrators have allegations of narrating falsehood meaning allegation of being liars. Neverthless the crux of my glare unsuspectingly implicates that this trait is inherited by these muraabithoon from their own deobandee-soofee-asharee dogma!!