Test Mobile System (TEMS) is a technology used by telecom operators to measure, analyze and optimize their mobile networks. It is considered as the basic tool to perform wireless network drive testing, benchmarking, monitoring and analysis. The TEMS Products business was divested to Ascom on June 2, For Drive Test – Site survey purposes. Recently added to our rental inventory. And more new test equipment are available for rental. Ascom, Inc. TEMS – TEMS Investigation base software version 15 – Available for rent, lease or buy used from Electro Rent Europe.

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Ascom, Inc. TEMS product detail and options available from Electro Rent Europe.

TEMS Pocket Wireless operators need to collect data from their networks to test and measure coverage and quality. Ascom Network Testing offers the TEMS portfolio, a complete set of trusted solutions for drive testing, analyzing, ascoj, and monitoring mobile network performance.


Using TEMS Pocket, operators can easily test locations such as inside restaurants, shopping malls, subways, trains, boats, event venues — anywhere that people go. With this technology, mobile network operators will know that their TEMS Investigation iPhone-based testing units will support iOS7 as well asco, future updates.

Used in more than countries worldwide, TEMS Investigation is the industry standard tool for troubleshooting, verification, optimization and maintenance of wireless networks. TEMS Investigation has been the leading originator of drive-testing features and functions for two decades.

This holistic approach is unique to Aacom Discovery, empowering operators to lock-in premium subscribers by validating that customers receive the service levels they demand, around-the-clock, from any location, and across voice, data and integrated media services.

It allows the tester to test as a user. TEMS Investigation is a complete, cost-effective and conveniently compact solution for the active field engineer. Visit us on Facebook.

TEMS Discovery automatically analyzes drive-test, user equipment UEnetwork OSS, crowd-sourced, and application data, providing actionable intelligence via a web-based management dashboard. Small enough to fit in your hand, TEMS Pocket is powerful enough to capture a range of data which only a few years ago would have required laptops asco even larger tools.


It employs smart and exclusive functionality that solves specific problems, promotes cost-efficient work processes, minimizes human errors and improves productivity, allowing operators to focus on ensuring network quality, as well as gain insight into the subscriber perspective by performing service testing directly on the end terminal. TEMS Pocket is a phone-based test tool developed for measuring the performance and quality parameters of wireless networks.