Our Aveyond 2 Walkthrough contains everything you need in order to play this unforgettable adventure game. Featuring sections such as Location Questions. Aveyond 2 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games. Aveyond 2 Cheat Codes: Submitted by: phillip To get to the highs level do shift +.

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Something amazing has happened.

Suddenly she transforms into a unicorn! If he is now a nice guy, he follows Ava, hoping she can continue to kick him into shape, as she did his brother, and gives a curteous, if still uncomfortable, farewell. If Emma has not yet completed the tournament in Seri, return and face any wlkthrough opponents there are five altogether.

Remember this spot, as you will have to return here later. When you go down steps and arrive at a small cave, cross the bridge over the stream and go north again to find a Dragar — another transfigurine protector.

Return to Ryva and search through her room or ask Great Aunt Tilda who is standing at Nora’s gravesidethen bring the letter back to Nora. Early in the game your health and resources are low, and later in the game you never know what an enemy is going to throw at you. True to her nature, she will not give her blessing willingly.

Ean’s love interest is Iya. During his quest, Ean may encounter a number of creatures who have been similarly trapped in different forms by transfigurines. This is the final guild, and the most powerful, and if Iya has not joined one wwalkthrough the other three, she may now fight the Necromancer and gain entry into the guild.

Enchanters use the power of persuasion to overcome their foes. It is debatable whether one approach is better than the other.

Aveyond 2 Cheats, Cheat Codes, Hints, Tips

Make sure she has it equipped. She requires an Actor’s Guild card, so you need to return and see if Heptitus has one. Return to Verashema and take it back to him. Enter Grimm’s Cottage, change your leader to Ava, and talk to Gavin. Often you will be able to buy better equipment and restorative items there that will help you survive against the local enemies. Then return across the bridge and continue around to the south and west until you reach a barred room.


Return to the bottom of Mount Siren, and now take the lower entrance into the trees. Otherwise he returns to Bogwood, eager to see how all the witches have faired without his handsome face to look at. All the witches are in love with him, and he tires of their attention and asks to join you on your quest. If your timing was off and the beast is on YOUR side of the bridge In the southwest of Cursed Woods is a Vampire — the final transfigurine protector you will encounter in the game.

Attach the rope to the wooden stake, then climb down and retrieve the egg. When you return to Seri Palace, go through the door on the left, and find the tournament sign-up sheet.


Aveyond 2 Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

Find her a warty toad in the northeast of Toadstump Marshand as a reward, receive softening cream that can be used on a certain statue in a Thais sewer. If you are ever stuck during the game, or something is not working as you expect, your journal is the first place to look — perhaps you do aveyind have the quest you are trying to complete, or you must complete one of your quests before you can proceed.

Find her in the house with Firoz, north of the marketplace, and collect your reward — a love sonnet. After Nicolas responds, talk to some other villagers and see how his avehond are now affecting the citizens. To dismount, fly over a flat piece of land and press space, or click on the land under the dragon this can be a little touchy — you may have to try a avdyond times. The reward she gives you will be very useful if you choose to take Gavin, the warlock, into your party later otherwise you can sell it.

Open the chests and have Iya change into her traveling clothes select them from the Items list in the menu.


Elixir can heal full hp so what are u waiting for? Take it back to Hilda, then go to Happily Ever After once more to meet them. Ean, a young elf who is learning how to become a forager in Elfwood, is small and thinks he isn’t strong. Mages practice battle magic. After defeating the Blue Blaze and setting Aisling free she also tells you to aveyonnd her back in her glenwalk through the mirror at the back of that room, to be transported back outside.

You then choose whether to play the introduction or not, and the game begins. To prove the report card was stolen, enter the Bogwood School of Witchcraft the building in the northeast walkthrouhg speak to Professor Drake.

Aveyond 2 – Ean’s Quest Walkthrough – Episode 3 – Woodlands & Ryva

Return and do that now, then talk to Uthar who will tell you to find the Oracle. The path leading out of Dogwort Plains to the north takes you to Mirror Mansion, but at this point the door is locked. If it has been 45 minutes since the last tournament round, you can return to Seri and have Emma face a new opponent.

Search thoroughly through The Burrow, and walkthroguh a chest is a jeweller’s toolkit, which you can take back to Rothwell next time you visit Wakkthrough. Follow the path as far north as you can go, and head west, to reach Serendipity, being held prisoner by a group of trolls. If you offered to pay for Walkthough schooling, she has now graduated, and is happy to come along and help you on your quest as she promised.

Return it to her, then go and find something else to do for another hour, before coming back. When you find the statue of the goddess, make another donation.