The Shikshapatri presented by Bhagwan Swaminarayan to Governor Sir John Malcolm, On the fly-leaf the following unsigned inscription is written in English. Shikshapatri Bhashya. Sanskrit – English. [Incorporates ‘Arthadeepika’ treatise by Shatanand Muni]. By. S. G. Shatanand Muni. By orders from. H. H. Acharya. Shikshapatri BAPS – This is a universal application, for the first time ever, This application contains an explanation of The Shikshapatri in Swamiji’s own The app is currently available in English and it was last updated on

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The Vaishyas shall shikshapatti in for agriculture, trade, banking etc. Complete Bhagavad Gita with Hindi translations and descriptions. All Acharyas and their wives, shall observe all the above Dharmas of house holders, males and females. When an untoward action is committed either by oneself or by others, none shall through anger or excitement cut or mutilate one’s limbs or limbs of other persons by means of any kind of weapon.

One shall never act under sudden impulse in haste; but an act pertaining to Dharma shall be done all at once. They shall never borrow money from their Acharyas or from the temple of Lord Shri Krishna and shall never bring utensils, ornaments, garments and such other articles, for use on social occasions from them. I now proceed to describe hereunder their special Dharmas. No one shall ever associate with a thief, an addict, a hypocrite, a debauch, and a deceit.

They shall never talk nor hear talks about them nor shall go for bath etc. He endeavoured diligently to eradicate the evils of robbery, murder, sati, and englush infanticide. One shall always provide one’s servants with food, clothing etc. Having observed the decline in morality and social harmony, Bhagwan Swaminarayan worked for many years to improve the situation. All naishtic Brahmacharis, Mukundanand and others and all house-holders. All bapd who follow the rules of good conduct as prescribed by the Shastras Such as Srimad Bhagavat shikshhapatri.

Shikshapatri BAPS Free Download

Those who shall observe strictly the rules of ethics as prescribed shall derive happiness here and hereafter, and those who wantonly transgress them and behave willfully shall suffer great distress here and in the life hereafter.


They shall courteously and according to their means give food-grains abps alms to a person who has come to seek food to the temple of Lord Shri Krishna. So that devotees remain constantly aware of their duties, Bhagwan Swaminarayan has instructed them to read it daily.

An easy to use Gujarati Calendar with Colour Images to represent key events. My followers shall get up daily before sun-rise, offer prayers to Lord Krishna and then shall go to answer call of nature. None shall give up Dharma of one’s own varna class and Ashram nor shall practice Dharma of persons of other varnas classes and Ashramas or shall follow pseudo Dharma or Dharma dictated by one’s own whims. shioshapatri

Bhagwan Swaminarayan’s Shikshapatri Written By: They shall never conceal an act of repayment of debt, family lineage, matrimony of their daughters etc. Thereafter, all male and female followers shall worship Lord Shri Krishna mentally. Timeline Chronology of Hindu texts.

Without these two qualities even the most learned shall decay and degenerate. Presented by Swami Narain, a reforming saint in Guzerat. They themselves or through someone else shall perform or get performed with love the worship puja of Shri Mahadev with leaves of Bilva tree Angle marmaloss in the month of Shravan.

They shall never associate with nor even touch women who practice abortion, nor shall indulge in or hear amorous talks regarding males. They shall never touch males who are not their close relatives and especially when they are young shall never speak to young persons who are not their nearest relatives unless absolutely necessary.

Medicine for the Mind. One shall first consider oneself as distinctly different from the three bodies viz.: Whenever an eclipse of the Sun or of the Moon takes place, all followers shall immediately suspend all work and after purifying themselves by means of bath, etc. In times of trouble caused by evil spirits like Ghosts etc. The book of precepts strictly prohibits the destruction of animal life; promiscuous intercourse with the other sex; use of animal food and intoxicant liquors and drugs on any occasion, suicide, theft and robbery; false accusation against a fellow man; blasphemy; company of atheists and heretics, and other practices which might counteract the effect of the founder’s teaching.



It is the essence of all the Scriptures including the Vedas. They shall never touch nor speak with nor show their faces to any male who is not their bapps relative.

Those who are weak and feeble, however, shall practice them only for the month of Shravan. It is one of the primary scriptures of the Swaminarayan Sampraday and provides a sound framework on which moral, social and spiritual integration of society can be achieved. Action of past great men which are not in conformity with Dharma shall never be accepted and followed as precedent; but those actions which conform with Dharma shall only be adopted and followed.

They shall never stay alone in a lonely place even with their young mother, sister or daughter, except in emergencies and shall never give away in alms their wives to anybody. Views Read Edit View history. And when it is over, all shall take bath together with all clothes worn at that time, and thereafter, those who are householders shall give alms according to their shikshaapatri and others shall perform worship of Lord Shri Krishna.

All female followers who are widows shall not put on their forehead either the round mark or the vertical one. In times of sheer necessity, if they touch or speak with an old man, no blemish attaches to them. Thereafter, engliah either north or east, shall sit on a pure and comfortable sheet, placed on pure ground and untouched by any other article and then sip pure water three times.