Justin Bere is a British architect based in London. He is founder of his own practice bere:architects and has developed a specialism in low energy passive house. Bere Architects’ retrofit stretched its tiny budget, winning funding for being the first non-domestic London Passivhaus. They ran a competition, and Justin Bere Architects won. Their proposal The chosen site pushed the Passivhaus idea to its limits. 1,ft up at.

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Both of these chapters present a suitable level of detail and amount of information. We need to confirm your email address. Masters of Integrated Design […].

I agree to receive emails from the site. All architects would benefit from a copy of this book and should certainly familiarise themselves with the content of it before their clients start asking for the benefits Passivhaus provides!

MEAD Consulting Berw scheme joins a small group of certified UK Passivhaus Plus projects pushing the frontiers of building energy performance with carbon lite renewables.

Passivhaus or Passive House? | bere:architects

Made in Austria and then transported to London in kit form, the building is formed of KLH UK solid timber panels, clad in zinc paneling.

Camden Passivhaus Final Report published Coming soon Soft Landings Workshop bere: It was completed back in October and has been monitored for two passivhauw post occupancy. Do you live outside the United States?

This section is full of stunning photographs. Philippa Stockley, Evening Standard, Electric submeters installed in the main distribution board monitor MVHR, power sockets, cooking, lighting and miscellaneous circuits. It has a Concrete slab and below-slab foamed glass insulation. The term Passivhaus refers to an advanced low arxhitects construction standard for buildings, which have excellent comfort conditions being both cool in summer and warm in winter with minimal additional heating, with perfect air humidity levels all year round and excellent winter ventilation, whilst being completely free of winter draughts.


Built with high-performance off-site construction.

Justin Bere – Wikipedia

They very much fit the introductory nature of the book and I highly recommend them as primers in each of the subjects covered. Sign up for weekly pxssivhaus. Living in a large cold farmhouse, the owners needed little persuading of the merits of aiming for Passivhaus when building a guest house on their land.

I agree to receive emails from Inhabitat. However, if you do choose to purchase from any of the links on this site, Amazon will pay me a small commission at no cost to you which will support this site. Summer shading is provided by means of retractable external venetian blinds with automatic solar control, whilst inward-tilting windows provide secure summer night-time purge ventilation.

Passivhaus or Passive House?

Glulam box-beam ceiling, PIR insulation and multi-ply hot-melt membrane, extensive green roof. Of course while the former is absolute, the later is very much subjective! Biodiversity was very important for this project which incorporates two wild flower meadow green roofs, a south facing garden and, as planned, an ivy covered gabion stone wall.

London’s first Passive House, this pioneering 2-bed house on a challenging mews infill site, set benchmarks for energy efficient design, thermal architecte, and indoor air quality. A water filtration system ensures perfectly clean water for both drinking and bathing. The site is located in London which means that the over-shadowing of adjacent buildings had a major impact on the energy balance and design decisions.


We need passivihaus architects: There is a strong European flavour to the selected buildings, which is not at passsivhaus surprising given how established passivhaus is in Europe — and therefore how long passivhaus architects have had to establish themselves as masters of integrated design.

All the buildings presented were selected on the basis of being certified to the Passivhaus Standard and having considerable architectural merit. This will be carried forward in our future work.

Camden Passivhaus

pxssivhaus There is then a short chapter on capital and whole life costs. Choose your location preference: There is a submeter for the heat pump compressor and controls, and another for the boost heaters in the heat pump board and a main electricity meter and PV production meter.

And then they can dig deeper and learn about integrated design and the benefits of passivhaus. However, each one is clear and concise, giving good context and understanding of key issues that sadly many architects currently lack.