More info on SAYC: ACBL SAYC System Booklet and ACBL Standard Yellow Card (both in PDF format). See also: Full SAYC convention card. SAYC Bridge Conventions. Here are some of the conventions that should be played under normal circumstances. Trying to put all we play in one place in a. Standard American is a bidding system for the game of bridge widely used in North America promulgated by the American Contract Bridge League. SAYC is widely used in internet bridge play, but only rarely in on-site tournament play.

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A jump rebid in a suit shows syac self-supporting holding in that suit and is game forcing. The bid is made with weak hands, usually less than opening count.

Rebid his own second suit at the cheapest level weak hand. Holding a six-card or longer suit, raise to the three level when invitational and the four level when holding game values. A reverse or jump shift into a new suit is a game force.

SAYC Bridge Conventions

If the opponents intervene over a conventional response, bids carry the same meaning as if there were no intervention. With a medium opener good 16 to 18 pointsopener may: Which card is led from AKx. Opener should raise a major suit response with a three-card fit, or perhaps with a doubleton honour.

Jump shift into a second suit four cards or longer. He bid simply indicates a hand not suited to any of the positive responses which follow. Sayyc that carry special meaning are as follows:. A jump raise of opener’s suit to the four level shows satc than 10 points and five trump.


Longest suit of unequal length minors. Opener corrects to notrump if appropriate and will raise an invitation to game when holding suitable values. For SOS when your side is doubled for penalty at the three level or lower. If the bid suit is a major, the cue bid shows or better in the other major and an unspecified minor.

Cue bids of opening preempts are also Michaels. A Direct Jump Overcall is preemptive and shows the same shape and values as would an opening bid at the same level.

With a maximum opener pointsopener will: Negative Doubles are employed through 3 [In some standard versions they are used only through 2 ]. Raise the fourth suit with four cards. Opener will bridgs or bridgf to 4 of the major. Cue bid for take out. A jump rebid shows extra values. Attempt to sign off in game. Weak Jump Shifts over intervening double in competition.

When adding for bridte points, do not also include extra value for side suit length – – one or the other, but not both.

After a pass by RHO, responder should: Whether 4th best, or 5th best leads are used. Bidding a major at the two level or higher shows 11 or bridhe points and a five-card or longer suit.

If the total is 15 or more, open the bidding. Rebids with a minimum hand points: General List of bridge competitions and awards. Lacking sufficient trump support for a limit raise, brivge a new suit four cards or longer at the one level.

If the total comes to 20 or more, open the bidding. Opener will pass, correct to three of the major, bid 3NT or bid 4 of the major suit.


With a maximum, opener bids a new suit to show a feature – – an outside ace or protected king. Retrieved from ” https: Jacoby transfers showing a five-card suit are used for the majors. Officially, the ACBL does not make this distinction. The partnership is not committed to game. The lead of the ace versus notrump typically asks partner to drop a high honor. At the one level a major suit overcall may be made on a four-card holding of exceptional quality. When online duplicate bridge began in the late ‘s, SAYC filled the need for a default convention card.

SAYC (Standard American Yellow Card)

Responses show the number of aces by steps. A raise of opener’s suit is to play and is often preemptive. When responder jumps to 2NT after an opening bid of 1 or 1the trump suit has been established and opener is asked satc further information regarding his hand.

Partner bids bridgr of the trump suit when holding two of the top three honors in the suit. If made at the four level, it shows a minimum hand. A jump raise to the three level is a limit raise, showing three or four-card support.

The object is to provide a simple, modern method which will bdidge to a good, solid understanding in a partnership when both players have read this booklet.

With a maximum he will name a new suit or bid NT.