Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for K CarCam Car DVR Wide Angle Dashboard Camera HD Car Black Box at Read honest . Find great deals on eBay for car cam k Shop with confidence.

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The easiest way to determine if you have an DV Turnkey model is based on the firmware.

Carcam K | DashCamTalk

It has the best video quality of all K cameras. DV Turnkey cameras typically come with the following firmware versions or similar:.

Even though marketing material indicates this camera can record at p at carrcam, this is not true. Most of the versions for sale are poor quality. The following are typical characteristics of a fake K Only update the firmware if your camera has an R sensor via these instructions.

The Carcam K dash cam, also known as the K is a high definition dash cam that records p at 30fps. Before updating your firmware, it is highly recommended to backup your existing firmware. The easiest way to determine if you have an R model is based on the firmware.


The p video is actually interpolated. The low price makes this Carcam K it an interesting option. Unfortunately the image quality of the original flat lens is better than the newer convex lens.

Unfortunately the primary seller of the Carcam K R model no longer sells the camera.

In some cases the quality is so bad that darcam cannot hear conversations in the car. This can be easily done using the following method. The lens of the dash cam is not adjusted properly and needs to be turned or twisted until it is in focus.

For example, if you have a BaiDa dash cam, do not use this firmware. The R model is considered the best version of the K This camera is based on the Novatek processor and internally is ccarcam identical to the Carcam K Some people claim the manufacturer is Givoe in China.

Carcam K2000

These dash cams are notorious for having crackling and hissing sounds when recording. There are many versions of this camera available and it is quite difficult to ensure you are getting a high quality one.


R typically come with the following firmware versions:. Do k200 try to flash dash cams with incompatible firmware. This is due to poor quality of the microphone used. The next best version of the K is based on the DV Turnkey platform.

car cam k | eBay

However the poor video quality makes this a camera we do not recommend. There are many fake Carcam K cameras for sale. Any updates you perform are at your own risk. The only solution is to replace the microphone but this is a relatively complex procedure.

The Carcam K camera is based on a Novatek processor click picture to enlarge. This is a very common problem, particularly with the DV Turnkey camera.