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PAO Oil 68 is not hygroscopic, i.

Car refrigerant & oil filling quantities

Youandeni catalogo movie Mar 09, Watch video This movie is set in the mid s and involves poet Edgar Allan Poe. The extent of the pressure depends on the temperature. This, of course, caalogo impacts workshops and their service personnel. Watch movies and TV shows online. Do not work on the refrigerant circuit from an inspection pit. Refrigerant and compressor oil are two essential substances for any air-conditioning system.

Youandeni catalogo 2012 movie

For this reason, opened oil containers must be resealed immediately and once opened, the remaining oil cannot be stored indefinitely. Questo sito utilizza cookie tecnici e di personalizzazione dei contenuti, propri e di terze parti. The information provided on this website is intended for use by suitably qualified personnel only.

For this, all you have to do is enter your e-mail address. Different grades of PAG oil with different flow properties viscosities are available for use with refrigerant Ra. Scroll through this page and find out about the different variants of refrigerant and compressor oils.

Colombia, Ecuador y Per. When cleaning the vehicle, do not point the steam-jet cleaner directly onto parts of the air-conditioning system. Seek the medical attention of a doctor immediately! Further information about privacy. Can be used as an alternative to the various PAG oils that are offered for Ra has the advantage of not being hygroscopic, i.

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Ever since then, R12 systems had to be converted catalogk maintenance or repair work. The compressor oil in these compressors comes into contact catzlogo the electric motor coil, amongst other things.

Standard PAG oils atip not suitable for Ryf refrigerant and electrically driven air conditioning compressors. PAG compressor oils for the vehicle air-conditioning system. Here you will find useful information and handy tips relating to refrigerant and oil filling quantities for air-conditioning systems in vehicles. Which filling quantities apply to which vehicles?

Ra has a high GWP global warming potential of Our latest manual for refrigerant and catallogo filling quantities provides the answer for the most common vehicle types. A serial killer is on the loose and murdering people using Poe’s descriptions from his published stories and poems.

Agip > fluids for hydraulic system – Mitrovich LubrificantiMitrovich Lubrificanti

If the refrigerant reservoir or air-conditioning system is opened, its contents will escape under high pressure. Viale Milano 53 Vicenza Deposito: AC recharge — safety information and professional handling. This is particularly important for the fresh oil containers at the air-conditioning service unit. The ability of the fluid to limit wear.

This means that humidity problems, e. PAO Oil 68 doesn’t have any harmful effects on fluoroelastomer materials, such as hoses agi seals, and is ideally suited for converting from R12 to Ra refrigerant.

Doing so can cause lethal gases to form. All the tests showed a positive result, confirming that negative effects on components in the vehicle air-conditioning system or the air-conditioning service station can be excluded. Under no circumstance will your data be given to a third party. Refrigerant filling catalogp and oil filling quantities.

Never allow refrigerant to leak out into the atmosphere. All components should be checked for function and damage. Oct 18, Catalogo del prestigioso marchio Chilirose. Even today, the conversion from R12 to Ra is still an ongoing topic in the area of classic and modern classic cars as well avip in several non-EU countries.


Observe the specifications and approvals of the vehicle manufacturers. You can also find important information on refilling refrigerant and catalogp link to the refrigerant and oil filling quantity manual.

Cwtalogo oil film in the components improves the seal and reduces the friction between the moving parts in the compressor. POE oil for refrigerant Ra Can be used on all hybrid vehicles with an electric compressor that are filled with POE oil at the plant there are also electrically driven compressors for hybrid vehicles that are filled with a special PAG oil at the plant. Using the spotgun cartridge pressit can either be filled straight into the vehicle with the aid of avip adapter hose with low-pressure connection or into the oil tank on the air-conditioning service device ml spotgun cartridge Each individual cartridge is sealed in an aluminium bag The aluminium bag also contains a smaller bag with desiccant drying pellets to optimally protect the oil against humidity.

PAO oil for refrigerant Ra catlogo other refrigerants Ryf and other refrigerants. As a result, any cans that have been opened cannot be stored for prolonged periods. Can be used on all hybrid vehicles with electrical compressors that are filled with POE oil at the plant.

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