Derren explains how he uses subliminal messaging techniques. Duration: . [youtube FEpdTZGfxCQ]. Categories. covert persuasion · persuasion. Derren Brown repeatedly claims to use NLP and such. I simply don’t .. Persuasion itself in magic performances is a pseudoscience. You might. Derren Brown is a British “mentalist” and entertainer. over on You Tube, including this classic – quite simply, the most persuasive illustration of . He calls the stimuli he planted along the executive’s route “subliminal stimuli.

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Was that really just random America hate that you couldn’t contain? Out of print Tricks of the Mind is Brown’s first book intended for the general public. When I began reading about and practising hypnosis as a student I became quite enthused about NLP, mainly due to the narrative style and astonishing content of the books written by or about its founders, Richard Bandler and John Grindler.

It’s clever, it can cause a few people to freak out about how they’re being “manipulated” but no magician would risk the chance of the show NOT working. Copyright c pualib. He performs on stage, he very clearly states in interviews it is all illusion misdirection and magic. You might also want to look up who Derren Brown is. He’s not American and he’s not trying to scam people, he’s an entertainer and a showman.

This is Mind Blowing… Subconcious Manipulation, Extreme Subliminal Advertising? : videos

I’m sure suggestion wasn’t the only method used, but what makes you think it played no role? Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

The mentioning that his home is not the U. Someone did a similar type act on Lie to me and they only said what the trick wasn’t. I line in the UK and last time I checked Derren is british. Anyway, I respect the talent to make a show.

Derren Brown Reading M He throws a frisbee and a stuffed animal into the crowd and has those people throw it to someone else and those people throw it to someone else. You can be pretty sure the word “influential” will be in one of the papers. Also, on the matter of subliminal suggestion, the scientific consensus seems to be that it can have a brief effect on thinking, but doesn’t work on a deeper, long-term level.


If some parts don’t work out right then you can switch them up mid trick to find the “correct” answer.

Out of peruasion Pure Effect is a more traditional book of trickery and technique and offers an insight into some of the methods that Brown employs, and offers a starting point for development for the reader’s own use. Anyway, for real answer my question if you can.

Accordingly, I think he is therefore justified in using the concept of subliminal suggestion as part of his smokescreen. There are small biological features that are definitely affected, such as slightly dilated pupils cause arousal and such, but the overall effect is not anything like this: He is a physical magician who uses bogus “mentalist persuasiion pseudo-scientific explanations” for his tricks.

By saying he is using another supernatural persuasikn, it promotes the idea that the supernatural is very real. No one believes that a magician really saws a woman in half, but if you look at some of the comments for Derren Brown’s videos, it’s obvious that a great number of people believe he is using certain “psychological” techniques that hold no traction within the scientific community.

I’m going to give out my number one sales secret. These sorts of tricks aren’t based on subliminal suggestion but usually on huge amounts of redundancy. Anybody with a third of an interest in hypnosis will be hard pushed not to have heard of NLP.

For a message to be received and subsequently decoded, it must first be consciously absorbed. If you have examples of it I’d be glad to see them. The moral rights of the author have been asserted. This includes videos of child and animal abuse.

Oh, and the “allure of the familiar” is a pretty rock-solid psychological principle.

In what persussion circumstances did it work for you? Derren Victor Brown born 27 February is an English magician, illusionist, mentalist, painter and sceptic.

Examples of bgown include things like “this person deserves more views,” “not enough people have seen this person’s videos,” or “show this person some love. As this is the big finale to the show, he will have had get outs for every stage of it Whatever the truth is behind that particular word, whether it was different every day, or sublimina, a massive lie i.


In Brown’s shows, he has produced hypnotic amnesia, anesthesia, command compliance, hallucinosis – and although it is currently illegal to show hypnotic induction on British television, he insists that there is no hypnotic induction anyway.

He hasn’t, as far as I’ve seen, promoted “supernatural human understanding” at any point. It relies, like a lot of good magic, upon people accepting things which are common to them without question.

Derren Brown – Subliminal messaging EXPLAINED

That’s why most decisions get made at an unconscious level, using heuristic approaches that can be gamed. And he certainly wouldn’t chance twice by hoping they stop on the 3rd page because “most people do. I sublimnial to say that this wouldn’t work on me, the reason is that I am a computer programmer. The effect was performed in the first series in the art gallery. Bgown didn’t say, “I used suggestion on you all, and you can learn to do it too at my weekend course!

Subliminal Force by Derren Brown

I hope some of the sublimnial for the viewer comes from not knowing what’s real and what isn’t. Using his knowledge and skill, he appears to be able to predict and influence people’s thoughts with subtle suggestion, manipulate the decision making process and read the subtle physical signs or body language that indicate what a person is thinking.

Also penn and teller are fed up with everyone’s bullshit, it’s a shame more people aren’t sublimnial up with there 20 minute condensed, bias, badly researched show for fucking morons. We’re none of us as unique as we’d like to think – demonstrating that is sort of the point of this exercise.

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And not only that he tells people how half of his tricks are done, he also tells people they are not real and implicitly states he has no powers.

Are you aware of some scientific papers written about it? I think he chose the word beforehand and found it in the daily mail and used that.