“The Great War,” as Modris Eksteins writes, “was the psychological turning point. .. for RITES OF SPRING is a remarkable and rare work, a cultural history that. “Ingenious and maddening”: thus many critics label Modris Eksteins’s *Review essay of Modris Eksteins, Rites of Spring: The Great War at the Birth of the. Rites of Spring The Great War and the Birth of the Modern Age By Modris Eksteins Illustrated. pages. A Peter Davison Book/Houghton.

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Nazism was a cult. The British, in response, felt that they had a duty ritrs protect the old world order: May 13, Rob Shurmer rated it it was amazing Shelves: Or Mack the Knife?

At the same time, their position as the scientific and economic leading nation in the world was not commensurate with their position in a world hierarchy dominated eksteind the Anglo-American establishment. Honestly, I would recommend this book based on that ‘scene’ alone.

The spate of official and unofficial histories that issued forth in the twenties was largely ignored by the public. Viewed in this light, it was the Germans who were eventually triumphant: I can’t be bothered to remember this guy’s name, that’s how bad it is. The First World War also had a critical effect on the rest of the world, which had been dominated previously by Western Civilization. The free act, devoid of any meaning except its own inherent accomplishment, the vitality of the moment.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. The pleasures of cruelty, the pleasures of the blade.

The author transports the reader by demonstrating the advent of the eksheins through a mood laced with death, movement, irony, rebellion and inwardness. At the center there was nothing, an utter vacuum. So here enters Eksteins to give you a memorable and delicate comprehension of a crazy epoch, an epoch that gave birth to a child sprung mother was a steam engine that nobody could call mummy. This is an interesting parallel to follow throughout the book.

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I am still pondering the ongoing connection between societal change that could simultaneously create the environment where such important musical and artistic d This well-researched and well-written history spans about 35 years, from the Parisian performance of Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring” to brief mentions of the end of WWII. And just what sustained them, or broke them, after it was all over? Words, the main vehicles hitherto of western sensibility and rationalism, were no longer adequate or appropriate Oct 09, James rated it really liked it Shelves: His discussion of public support for the war and changes over time in that support are very insightful.

See 1 question about Rites of Spring…. More importantly, he presents the reader with a wealth of details about WWI and the growth of fascism.

The Rites of Spring

The anti-heroic spawn of the industrial age. Even the resurgence of militant Islam, while outside of Western Civilization, is a sign that the secular Enlightenment values of Western Civilization are losing their spell on the rest of the world.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. There is a vast amount of research synthesized here, from diaries from soldiers on the front to accounts in the newspapers though I wondered if these individual takes represented the zeitgeist as fully as Eksteins would like.

RITES OF SPRING: The Great War and the Birth of th by Modris Eksteins | Kirkus Reviews

There is no delicacy. In the case of the former, Fussell gives a very comprehensive account about writers who were soldiers and viceversa.


The Christmas truce of is indicative of the attitudes which both sides still held: Thus, any suggestion that the war had been purposeless was a slur against the very existence of this form of extremism. I normally develop an irritation with books that I’m forced slring read and write papers aboutbut this book I found fascinating and engaging.

I found that work more readable, focused, and not disjointed, which is the best way I can describe this book. Basic materials have their own authenticity; let them speak honestly for themselves, without melody, without ornamentation, without plot.

Without the war, the Russian Revolution would have never acquired that mythical status which it enjoyed in the Soviet Union throughout much of the subsequent 70 years [37], greatly contributing to the stability of the communist regime and indirectly ekstein the western civilization which it rivaled. There are some uneven sections in the book.

Perhaps this is the reason why Eksteins suggests that art is the only method for explaining the war.

The Rites of Spring – All Empires

The Church was excluded from the state, from the school system and from much public life. Good-Bye to All That: Act III — Eksteins describes the inability of Europe to reflect in a rational way on the war experience.

The response to art became just as important as its intent, unlocking experience through shock, indecency, crudity, exaggeration, provocation. Subjectivity is not always solipsism. Review “A Fertile Book.