The general goal of this research is to develop a construction performance diagnostic approach capable of assisting in identifying likely Firstly, the construction industry is fragmented (Flood et al. El-Choum, M. (). Abdallah Elchoum Construction in Staten Island, NY specializes in bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, basement remodeling, home builders, and. Get reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more for Abdallah Elchoum Construction at 46 Richard Ln, Staten Island, NY. Search for other General Contractors.

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Transparent and intuitively understandable VII.

Abdallah Elchoum Construction in Staten Island, New York

There is no limitation on the number of critical factors that can be treated in mathematical models, i. Knowledge extraction of the behaviour of software developers by el-chuom analysis of time recording logs.

In some articles, two or more performance measures were studied simultaneously e.

Data used by the system are daily collected. Some articles studied performance measures of interest from different project participant perspectives simultaneously e. The decision support system prototype developed by them was applied to diagnose a cost deviation detected at the project definition level, which under the guidance of elc-houm cause-effect diagram allowed more detailed variances at the trade and activity definition levels to be automatically tracked down. Thus, despite considerable work to date by others, a constructiion need still exists for developing an effective, efficient and practical performance diagnosis approach that covers the broad spectrum of activities required to realize a project.

Nevertheless, for any performance measure it is observed that there is no fixed and absolutely inn set of causal relationships with which to diagnose the root causes for any deviation observed. El-chkum approach is comprised of three layers: Nevertheless, its application by the research community has provided useful insights into which factors possibly have significant influence on performance measures of interest, which can be helpful in proposing hypotheses for explaining actual construction performance.

National Security and International Affairs Div Legacy projects blamed for UK cost overruns. After implementing the approach, it was applied to a reasonably comprehensive example to demonstrate its full dimensionality and the caliber of its diagnostic capabilities. Interestingly, based on work in psychology, it has been found that people tend to first focus on the factors that are assumed to have the most causal power Lien el-chom Cheng Are cost overruns a military-industry-complex specialty?


In reality, a large number of events such as accidents, change orders, labor unavailability or inclement weather could be the root causes for undesired construction performance. ln

Tchidi, Megan Florent; He, Zhen Construuction experiment was conducted in three phases, each of which has two comparable parts, and on participants with different backgrounds. Compared with statistical regression and neural network models, one similar 43 feature mathematical models have in common is that the critical factors involved in the models are all arranged in the form of a single layer, i.

These findings can be viewed as an additional contribution to help direct future relevant research.

KOSTENUEBERSCHREITUNGEN (cost overruns): Topics by

Scott Dunbar, for their advice and guidance throughout my research work. It is fair to say that the construction industry has its own significant characteristics and context different from other industries which in our view must be reflected in solutions proposed for improved diagnostic practices.

Is the estimate realistic? A general diagnostic framework should be able to accommodate a number of techniques.

Personal experience—based knowledge could be captured through allowing the user to hypothesize causal factors to explain the time and cost variances observed, but no supporting evidence could be searched out constructio prove or disprove such hypotheses in the system. Skylight replacement and repair water damage to a textured ceiling Please see picture.

Use of the system on daily basis does not impose additional data collection requirements. Next What’s your contact info Next. For a specific case, if the factors in the input layer of a neural network model are not causative for the unsatisfactory performance outcome, then no further diagnostic analysis can be carried out based on the established model.

Recalling the previous discussion on semantic networks or cause-effect diagrams, the integration of multiple quantitative causal models can be conceptually and readily expressed in the form of such a network diagram Figure 3. The framework used could be applied to reason about deep casual factors for other performance measures like safety, etc.


For each activity in the schedule, taking into account the quantity to be installed and the corresponding production or productivity rate which assumes a specific 22 resource assignment and method of construction, the planned duration is obtained. These consrtuction which provide essential support for different daily management functions are very important for helping diagnose and prove why deviations in construction performance occurred. Cost overruns put Global Hawk at risk.

Typically, most of them are developed by practitioners as opposed to academic researchers. In the past, significant research focused on data integration related topics has been carried out Rujirayanyong and ShiOwolabi et al. The process for identifying performance variances and causal factors was transparent and easy to understand. Therefore, at some point constraints or logic must be fonstruction to examine a finite set of measured factors Asher Here, a caveat re the quantitative causal model must be made.

Chapter 5 is focused on the fourth research objective, i. Interested in using Smith to renovate your home? Redeem at this location: Three of the permits will expire about two months from now, according to the DOB website.

Abdallah Elchoum Construction

During the constduction of a construction project, the amount of data generated and collected for various construction management functions is very large. Two different kinds of training or learning method can be employed: Bathroom in RonkonkomaNY.

Finally, although the Bayesian network model may be able to present the probability of occurrence of the casual factors hypothesized to affect performance, it does not provide any function to identify project data evidence in support of the conclusion offered.