El mono desnudo has ratings and reviews. Mohammed-Makram said: الكتاب يبدو في مظهره علميا و لكنه أقرب للأعمال الأدبية و الدردشة بدون سند علمي. El Mono Desnudo has ratings and reviews. Maria said: این کتاب در سال با عنوان میمون برهنه توسط دکتر مهدی تجلی پور به فارسی برگردانده و پس. El Mono Desnudo by Desmond Morris, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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I wouldn’t mind so much if my poetry was any good. He puts it to us that humans are a very sexual species, unlike other animals which have a mating season we are ready all the time, and unlike other animals which need to do something special to display their genitals ours are visible all the time, so to avoid making sexual displays to everyone all the time, we cover up.

Modern readers will be equally squeamish by the occasional reference made to the “negroid race” and the interpretation of homosexuality as little more than deviant behavior caused by abnormal childhood experiences. Learn more about Amazon Prime. El Mono Desnudo by Desmond Morris. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

He tends to invent just-so stories, and then act like they’re proven fact rather than what they are He is always specific, startling, but logical. The popularity of sports and online first person shooter video games reflects the more predator side. A great deal of the pleasure derived from this book is in the way that Morris so ruthlessly picks apart his subject. Come biologa e aspirante divulgatrice scientifica, non posso che apprezzare enormemente questo libro, esposto in modo chiaro, ordinato e molto scientifico.


To ask other readers questions about El Mono Desnudoplease sign up. This kind of follows from the theory of evolution. In fact, even then I noticed how shoddy his work was. It’s greatest value is in instigating thought on the subject.

There, that’s the thesis– perfectly sound and very interesting. Nonostante i grandi progressi tecnologici, noi siamo ancora fondamentalmente un semplice fenomeno biologico e, malgrado le nostre idee grandiose e l’alto concetto che abbiamo di noi stesi, siamo ancora degli umili animali, soggetti a tutte le leggi fondam Un affascinante studio antropologico di fine anni 60 ma ancora sorprendentemente attuale.

I have the other two books in this series, and I can’t wait to read them next.

It’s when Desmond applies this notion to specific cases that we part ways. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. We are animals as much as any other, and we should consider all the things that make us what we are, including our animal instincts and our biological history.

El mono desnudo by Desmond Morris (2 star ratings)

desnuco Muy buen libro, no debe faltar en ninguna biblioteca. I disagree with almost all of his conclusions. Well, that we are the way we are because our ancestors were forced to become a pre I had a great time reading this book.

If only I’d chosen a normal school instead.

El Mono Desnudo – Un Estudio Del Animal Humano by Morris, Desmond

It is well written and exciting read. Un affascinante studio antropologico di fine anni 60 ma ancora sorprendentemente attuale. We do what we do because we are all Read more Read less. Books by Desmond Morris.

What we do in leisure however reflects both aspects of our desnydo, in varying degrees.


Being a predatory ape means developing ways to facilitate male cooperation, to hunt together with dangerous weapons, and to guarantee a share of the kills and a female for the effort.

However the reader will desnhdo aware that making the right questions about what makes Homo sapiens a human I would recommend it to anyone who’s fascinated by human evolution.

So, I stopped reading them. We can’t have a single alpha male who gets exclusive access to women and food. Some statements are not simply aggressive but politically incorrect, by telling that the summit of human evolution desmonnd among the american-like society only.

El Mono Desnudo – Un Estudio Del Animal Humano

Were other scientists engaged in the study of lifeforms to do similarly they would never get anywhere. The book’s title itself is a playful and astutely humbling jab at the subject which drives straight to the heart of his message: And yet breasts are universally used to spectacular success in piquing the interest of potential mates and, it could go without saying, play an enormous secondary role in human intercourse, behavior which is seen nowhere else in the animal kingdom.

Our behavior has evolutionary roots– even many behaviors we define as cultural have their basis in our prehistoric dog-eat-dog, survival-of-the-sexiest past.

I’am stronger then I was before and can keep up to and surpass a lot of people my own age in physical activities. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.