Scandalous [Ella Steele] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. ” I see it, Jack. Your muse is back. The thing that gave you passion, tormented. Editorial Reviews. Review. “5 huge sinfully scandalous stars! Beautifully erotic. I cannot recommend it enough.” -Tessamari. “This might be the sexiest book I. Series By Ella Steele; Books By Ella Steele. Most Popular Books Family · Scandalous. Similar Authors To Ella Steele Scandalous. #1. Scandalous 2. #2 .

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I did like it. I liked talking to her when she was around, and stuff never got past that. And the one that brings the pain scandaloks pure, white as snow… and standing in front of you. The idea was like Jack in every way-completely tempting and completely forbidden. She ends up staying with her and has to find a job that can help her as well as pay off her outrageous debts. A secret that makes her look at people with money and fame too differently.

Should have waited until the whole book was acandalous I lean back in my seat and listen, chatting to the guys and scanda,ous the normal assortment of greasy bar food. This was done right with enough suspense and angst to prevent the cheese curdling reaction from reading something overly cliche and predictable.

She had to forget about him. Nudes have always been acceptable as art.

Scandalous (Scandalous, #1) by Ella Steele

He could turn me inside out and leave me slobbering on myself, if the mood strikes him. She pisses off her church, they force her to leave for a year. I picked up this book after not having read anything for a while and Im honestly really glad I did!

Abby is a clergy for a church in texas but is on a temporary sabbatical for a mistake that I would not actually consider a mistake. I am amazed at the depth and growth of the leads in such a short time but it was not unbelievable.


Her church, where she happens to be the minister, has placed her on a forced sabbatical. She’s the best kind of friend. Maybe she didn’t have to go to college two thousand miles away, but she did.

First longing and regret, then urging desire, then seduction, and completion. The one thing that he is known for is his reputation.

Love having characters with a bit of an age difference. Lately things have become strained because Anna has sexual desires steepe seems turned off by. Abby decides that she will interview at a gallery only to discover the painter that is known as Jonathan Gray scandaloys actually Jack from all those years ago.

Mesmerized by his paintings and of course him, she realizes that those long ago feelings are still there and she doesn’t know what to do. Anna LamoreCole Stevens. He reached out for me, tugging me by the waist closer to him. Scandalous is the story of Abby and Jack. Many things in the book I totally saw coming and I just wished I could have fallen more for Jack.

Scandalous Series

I only wished it would have been a little longer as I could not get enough of Jack and Abby! I drew the happy face! The thing that gave you passion, tormented you, and haunted you is back. But when she unraveled him I understood it all. Apparently the difference between a “romance” and an “erotic romance” is a helluva lot. My mind keeps drifting to my ex-girlfriend and wondering how another relationship crumbled into dust.

Open Preview See a Problem? You like the characters right away, that you feel for that reason alone obligated to read the next one.

Ella Steele (Author of Scandalous)

Jack is an amazing artist, I can’t describe it to you. And the plot has steelf twists and conflict to keep you reading – even when you aren’t breathing heavy from the good parts. You can grab these on Amazon here: She has to survive for a full year on her own and then they will take her back. Abby is a minister in Texas but gets put on a mandatory one year sabbatical after she caused some drama at the church.


In the first novel we meet Anna an ambitious college photographer interviewing for her internship all while dealing with her strange but sweet boyfriend; Edward. The storyline was kind of slow and there was no resolution to any of the situations in the book, so it really felt like the beginning of a road to nowhere. The same thing happens with a few other friends. She decides steelf stay and see what this internship has to offer.

After reading the first chapter I realized I was just forcing myself. That was truly, by far the greatest employee-employer book I’ve read so far.

I wish I could say I’m going to wait for books to go on sale before buying them- but I don’t think I’m patient enough. But when he hires her for the assistant job, all the old sparks were right there. The interesting attire she wears to this interview at the suggestion of Sophia Soretto, is mind boggling to say the least.

Each book is about 5o to 60 pages long. But shenope she doesn’t give two winds to all that. This book was SO good.