The 90 day game plan was developed by Eric Worre in September of Eric Worre is a network marketing Professional who has made over 15Million Dollars . 90 day Game Plan Commitment and Criteria September 9 December 9 Eric Worre built a $15m network marketing empire, as a result of 5x 90 day . I have been following you and Eric Worre on the topic and I’m in I am also launching a 90 day game plan in October, and would like a copy or.

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You are moving us all upwards thanks to the knowledge and principles you are sharing on this site!

Ill be tagging along drillin away at tihs 90 day blitz, thanks again Ray! That’s where so many of us struggle online. I appreciate this, having a specific tracker helps to stay focused on the right activity.

Ray Higdon, hooking up everyone with a valuable tool…. Hey Ray, it is really great that you are leading by example! That concept is simply dayy, “slow and steady never wins the race”.

Take note of what Eric Worre teaches and grasp the larger concept. Email will not be published required.

Thanks Ray, Need all the lp I get get to stay on track. Hey brother love your blog I am starting a 90 day blitz and I was looking for info. Hi Ray, This is exactly what I need and have been looking for.


Thanks for sharing and all that you do for our industry. I can’t wait to get your tracker and so I can share with my team too! This is something I have to master that I stay focused and make progress.

Let me know how good it works for u. Keep on keeping us positive!!! I’m totally a checklist kind of girl!

I just came a cross a blog on how he does it. Yame, this is awesome… so much value you contribute to the community! Will really help with momentum and direction.

So glad to be able to help Zahra! Thanks for offering the tracker and log.

The 90 Day Game Plan for Your Home Business: Tips from Eric Worre

Great stuff Ray, I have been following your expert avise for some time now. When you focus on your activity…then you are golden! This is something I desperately need.

Gaame is a good way to make sure your being accountable and following through! Thanks for sharing this great info with us Ray. You are a true leader in a world where they are in short supply. Really glad I came across this post. Hi Ray, you are a true inspiration. You truly care about others and your tips and coaching is so much of a help I cant thank you enough.


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. As always, I appreciate what you do for the mlm community. Are you up too the challenge? Thanks Ray for this!

Thanks for the consistantly great content you are putting up. I am newbie and am planning to do a 90 day blitz. I need this activity tracker badly.

Activity Tracker For a 90 Day Blitz

An activity tracker is a rundown of actions they should be taking and preferably in a point driven system so you can have a goal of doing X number of activities per day. What you and your team are doing has generated quite a lot of excitement dric the industry. I am so glad I came upon this! Thanks for the ideas.

Activity Tracker For a 90 Day Blitz

I am looking for a simple and effective system to put in place. Thanks, Ray, for having a heart for this community and giving us this time management tool.

See you at the top brother! Hey Lori, think this is something that will work well for us? Ray, I like the idea of using the tracker to maintain team focus.