BILL DISCOUNTING. Objectives. After reading this unit, you will be able to: explain the meaning and scope of Factoring, Forfaiting and Bill Discounting. through book debt financing. In coming chapter we are going to get information on three types of book debt financing viz. Bill Discounting, Factoring &. Forfeiting. Forfaiting (note the spelling) is the purchase of an exporter’s receivables – the amount that the importer owes the exporter – at a discount by paying cash.

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Arrangement The entire bill is discounted and paid, when the transaction takes place.

Although shorter contract periods are now becoming more common, contracts and monthly minimums are typical with “whole ledger” factoring, which fofaiting factoring all of a company’s invoices or all of the company’s invoices from a particular debtor. Financier’s Income Forfwiting Charges or interest Financier gets interest for financial services and commission for other allied services.

With Factoring, the customer settles their invoice directly with the Factoring company ; so customers are more likely to be aware of your Factoring discountibg. The discount rate is the fee a factoring company charges to provide the factoring service. Distinguishing between assignment of the responsibility to perform the work and the assignment of funds to the factor is central to the customer discountlng debtor’s processes.

Which is right for you? Factoring’s origins lie in the financing of trade, particularly international trade. Comments It is a nice way of presentation and making subject matter easy to understand and writing in examinations. Factoring is commonplace in the construction industry because of the long payment cycles that can stretch to days and beyond. Factoring is a financial transaction and a type of debtor finance in which a business sells its accounts receivable i.


In the UK the arrangement is usually confidential in that the debtor is not notified of the assignment of the receivable and the seller of the receivable collects the debt on behalf of the factor.

Factoring is often used by haulage companies to cover upfront expenses, such as fuel.

Differences Between Invoice Discounting and Factoring | Touch Financial

Basis for Comparison Bill Discounting Factoring Meaning Trading the bill before it becomes due for payment at a price less than its face value is known as Bill Discounting. Financier gets interest for financial services and commission for other allied services. Acceptance of signed documents provided by facsimile as being legally binding has eliminated the need for physical delivery of “originals”, thereby reducing time delays for entrepreneurs.

While factoring fees and terms range widely, many factoring companies will have monthly minimums and require a long-term contract as a measure to guarantee a profitable relationship.

The problem faced by the business in deciding the size of the cash balance it wants to maintain on hand is similar to the decision it faces when it decides how much physical inventory it should maintain. The essential difference between Factoring and Invoice Discounting lies in factorinb takes control of the sales ledger and responsibility for collecting payment:.

Factoring (finance)

In the case of notification factoring, the arrangement is not confidential and approval is contingent upon successful notification; a process by which factoring companies send the business’s dixcounting or account debtor a Notice of Assignment.

It’s unclear if this source of capital will be stable over time, as other companies, most notably, Lending Clubhad a difficult time attracting investors in earlyeven though net returns seem higher on invoice finance platforms such as MarketInvoice [33] and FundThrough [34] than on business loan platforms such as Funding Circle.


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In contrast to factoring which is not covered under any act. Speak to a consultant now on Live Chat.

As stated, the size of the cash balance the firm decides to forfaitting is directly related to its unwillingness to pay the costs necessary to use a factor to finance its short term cash needs. Likewise, Factoring and Invoice Discounting are useful options for: The essential difference between Factoring and Invoice Discounting lies in who takes control of the sales ledger and responsibility for collecting payment: The tactoring process involves detailed underwriting, during which time the factoring company can ask for additional documents, such as documents of incorporation, financials, and banks statements.

Difference Between Bill Discounting and Factoring

More importantly, the services insure the entrepreneurs and owners against a major source of a liquidity crises and their equity. Financial law Financial market Financial market factorig Corporate finance Personal finance Peer-to-peer lending Public finance Banks and banking Financial regulation Clawback. Discounted bills may be rediscounted several times before they mature for payment.

Discojnting businesses have cash flow that varies. The factor gives maximum part of the amount as advance when the transaction takes place and the remaining amount at the time of settlement. Newer Post Older Post Home. With Invoice Discounting, your customers still pay you directly; there is no need for them to know that a third party is involved.