A Firearms Transaction Record, or Form , is a form promulgated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in the United States . During in-store FFL compliance review, the reviewing consultants are often asked about tips to successfully and consistently completing the ATF Form , . A deep dive into the top three most common ATF Form mistakes and how to avoid them. Eliminate FFL ATF errors – Get free online.

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I personally believe that the resulting economic collapse will start food and energy riots, with a great upheaval to follow. The people of several states have done so. You should also be able to engage the ATF Investigator IOI in a more insightful way because of a better understanding of what they are there to do. It is pretty sad when fvl medic could out shoot some forrm the military police on the range.

Instruction for Question 18a Formerly Formm More fun than a barrel of monkeys. Check out the real facts on medical marijuana on Google https: When you compare a military person to some of those buying guns in the civilian sector even the basic proficiency, as you put it, is above the knowledge level that some civilians. Awww dude… What about peanut butter and jelly?

New FFL Form for Background Checks Incoming

And he issued hundreds. Hint to the clueless: This is a big waste of time and effort. The burden falls on the government to make such background checks in a reasonable amount of time. The second amendment is very specific — shall not be infringed! Keeping the government ignorant of the firearms that the people might posses is a good way to keep the government honest. This had been obvious, but it does no harm to clear up a possible ambiguity.


The West Coast states and the North East states are pluperfect examples of this move towards tyranny. Consider the following scenario. If someone is a user of compounds that may inhibit their judgement, the feds not only have the right to prohibit that, they have an obligation. ALL other regulations and restrictions used to deny a competent, law-abiding adult citizen from buying a firearm are infringements that are completely unconstitutional.

That shit is hippa protected! Factor in the cost of materials and millions for CNC machineryprices are not really out of line with other industries. It should be reclassified as a Class 3 drug even as alcohol should be classified as a Class 3 Drug.

New FFL Form 4473 for Background Checks Incoming

Because back then before the post WWI American power elite began seriously strategizing a Totalitarian agenda for the future enslavement and financial control of the rapidly expanding population, The Constitution NEVER meant to have a permanent punishment Ban on guns EVEN for violent convicted felons!

I know this for a fact as a combat soldier.

I see no argument about that, but I find it humorous that they clarified that question. GA or any other forum will unsubscribe for you. Good for you, DJ. If you think that laws prevent crime, there is no hope for you. ANY addiction should stop the sale of firearms to someone who can not control their use of drugs or alcohol.

At one time in our history, this was true.

Or turn you into a criminal or a worthless person. In my 91st year I am probably healthier than most of you and still swim, kayak, bike, hike and work fform at the gyms weight room.

And anything else that helps you fight against their tyrannical agenda. I believe all forms and background checks need to be done away with. Drinking is legal, yes, but selling a gun to someone who is drunk all the time seems a little unwise to me.


The Federales continue to adhere to the stupid side of the fl rather than choosing the ignorant side, which is, as we all know, correctable. Keep a clear head when enjoying our shooting passion. Opioid users can be really buzzed and be the most personable and normal appearing person on the line.

ATF Form 4473 – Firearms Transaction Record Revisions

Donald Trump may negotiate with the Congress to turn this ship of state around, but that is a long shot. Question 24 — 28 Formerly Question 26 – The states only have to abide by the Constitution not Federal Law.

This supports recent case law as well. What a lame excuse! With rights ; comes Responsibility. However was ratified later in another amendment which proves any of the amendments can be amended again. Yet, Amazingly, now in mind numbed blissful compacency with our false sense 443 because of the POTUS upset, here most of us are…casually air heading in a debate about state v. This was in the 50s and forrm safety rules stick with me an my friends to this day. The enforcement of this statute would likely be used in the case of a criminal misuse or possession of a firearm, where it could be used to show that a buyer knowingly lied on the form, cfl tested positive for MJ later.

ATF Form – Firearms Licensing And Consulting Group, LLC

Ever been in combat and seen the effects of what marijuana can do to a platoon gfl a impaired soldier on this drug? Name calling gets you nowhere. Question 30 Formerly Question JD Mak, I am retired from the military and was a medic.