control of pregnancy granuloma. [I]. Avaliação clínica de acompanhamento após dois anos de controle de granuloma gravídico. [A]. Luis Eduardo Rilling Nova. Palabras clave: Embarazo, gingivitis, periodontitis, granuloma En lo que respecta a lesiones de la mucosa bucal, Granuloma .. o granuloma gravídico. Clinical and Histological Evaluation of Granuloma Gravidarum: . Granuloma gravídico é uma lesão benigna comum da mucosa oral que ocorre na gestação.

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It is usually a highly vascularized mass, which has exophytic characteristics, and it may be sessile or pedunculated. The treatment of these lesions generally involves eliminating the irritating factors as well as performing surgical removal [ 12 ].

Factors such as smoking, diabetes, and periodontal disease have been studied [ 7 grabuloma 11 ]. With regard to his medical history, of interest, he was diagnosed with antiphospholipid syndrome in and suffered an acute myocardial infarction in August Email the author Login required. Periodontal cysts and epulides. Arq Bras Endocrinol Metabol.

Nonsteroidal analgesics were prescribed for 3 days and the patient was instructed to maintain a proper oral hygiene, avoid masticatory trauma and perform regular follow-up visits. Patologia oral e maxilofacial.

Pyogenic Granuloma/Peripheral Giant-Cell Granuloma Associated with Implants

Open in a separate window. The definitive diagnosis can only be made after histopathological analysis 13 – Article Tools Print this article. Women are two to rganuloma times more affected than men.

Occurrence of a pyogenic granuloma in relation to a dental implant. Both lesions may present with an ulcerated surface under occlusion trauma. Pyogenic granuloma of the tongue treated with carbon dioxide laser. Localized granuloma annulare in patient with graves hyperthyroidism: In contrast, PGCG usually appears in patients who are between their 40s and 60s, and it is slightly more frequent in women and tends to appear more often in the mandible than in the maxilla Table 1 [ 45 ].


There was no incidence of inflammatory gingival hyperplasia.

Non-neoplastic proliferative gingival processes in patients undergoing orthodontic treatment

YAG has been proposed. Surgical removal using rganuloma CO 2 or Nd: The lamina propria is made up of dense, well cellularized and collagenized connective tissue permeated by an intense mononuclear inflammatory infiltrate, 1 as shown in Figure 4. Preparing a tissue bed for the graft using split thickness flap. Under local anesthesia, grqvidico biopsy of the lesion was performed in tooth 24 region by incising it by the pedicle, from which a wedge was removed as a safety measure and tissue was removed from the edentulous area.

Pyogenic granuloma — hyperplastic lesion of the gingiva: Pyogenic granuloma and inflammatory gingival hyperplasia usually exhibit typical clinical and histopathological features. Although painless, there was bleeding during tooth brushing and difficulty to clean the affected area. Grafting connective tissue from hard palate to refill the recession area. Pyogenic granuloma of the tongue treated with carbon dioxide laser. Pyogenic granulomas usually present as smooth or lobulated red-to-purple masses that may be either pedunculated or sessile.

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Prognosis It would be timely to make some considerations regarding the monitoring of gingival lesions in orthodontic patients. J Am Acad Dermatol. J Clin Pediatr Dent. Al-Khateeb T, Ababneh K.


Gravidarum granuloma associated to an osseointegrated implant: case report

They tend to bleed because they contain a large number of blood vessels. Pyogenic granuloma – clinical features, incidence, histology, and result of treatment: Orthodontic appliances usually hinder proper oral hygiene, contributing to the development of gingival inflammation, more evident in children, adolescents and young adults. The histological picture of inflammatory gingival hyperplasia is characterized by parakeratinized stratified squamous epithelium issuing long, thin projections towards the connective tissue.

The authors declare that there is gravidicoo conflict of interests regarding granulona publication of this paper.

The recurrence rate according to Neville 12 is higher when the granuloma is removed during pregnancy. It has been suggested that the increase of estrogen and progesterone can influence gingival physiology, enhancing the tissue response to the local microbiota, with a predominance of more pathogenic microorganisms [ 202728 ].

Further cohort studies with representative sample sizes and standard outcome measures are necessary for better understanding of these conditions. However, we recognize the limitations of this analysis due to the limited number of case reports published and consequently these conclusions should be interpreted with caution.

The hypothetical diagnosis was inflammatory gingival hyperplasia Fig 2. Its surface has usually a smooth or lobular aspect, with its coloration ranging from red to pink.