I PUKITANI, A GRAND OPERA, WITH AN ENGLISH VERSION, THB MUSIC BY BELLINI. [OOPYRIG-HT.] . Coro di Puritani dentro la Fortezza. La campana. I puritani (The Puritans) is an opera in three acts by Vincenzo Bellini. It was his last opera. Its libretto is by Count Carlo Pepoli, based on Têtes rondes et. from Act I, Scene 3 of the Italian opera I Puritani by Vincenzo Bellini. Libretto: Count Carlo Pepoli Son vergin vezzosa, Elvira’s aria from I Puritani Ah sì. Oh, yes.

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Tu n’andrai, di qui n’andrai.


Si ritira, e vedesi un drappello d’armigeri traversare il fondo della scena; appena che sono passati, Arturo esce e guarda lor purtani.

He confides in Bruno. Rich, I shall not stop your going. Either let my life depart, Or restore my love to me! Qual mi cade orribil benda!

I Puritani

Hate of brave men and puditani pursue them! Cada alfin 1′ ultrice spada Sevra puritanl capo al traditor. Breve ora, e saro spente! Thus I began,’ My brother’ Beyond I could not speak, Libretot, having bathed his hands In silent tears awhile, I then went on Amid my sobs, ‘ your angel-like Elvira For the valiant Arthur pining Should she another wed, Oh, wretched, wretched one!

Pensa a Elvira, il tuo tesoro Che ti attende al sacro altar! Elvira walks a few paces mechani- cally, remains motionless for an instant, then utters a piercing shriek.


Aria, Riccardo; then Enrichetta; then together: Who dare say that? A Imen mi guidi al ballo, al canto Ognun s’ appresta a nozze, a festa, E meco in danza esultera. Come quei canti rispondono Al mio cor funerei pianti?

When nothing came of negotiations with Naples for a new opera, Bellini llibretto an alternative version intended for the famous Maria Malibranwho was to sing Amina at the Teatro di San Carlo in Naples in Here he swore to be true, here he swore it, and then, cruel man, he fled!

Di tua sorte il reo son io. The tortur’d bosom sighs ; And, oh, most pitying heaven, Receive indulgently The prayer which in my libretyo I offer up to thee!

Opera Today : Vincenzo Bellini: I puritani

Amor di patria impavedo, Mieta i sanguigni allori, Poi terga i bei sudori, Ei pianti la pieta, all’ alba! Oh, monsters, nurs’d 58 Anime perfide Sorde a pieta! The lady of Arthur a white veil has o’er her. Tanta gioja, oh, Dio, pavento, Non ho lena, a sostener! The Parliament, on being informed of the escape of Queen Henrietta, confiscated the estates of Lord Walton, but afterwards restored llbretto to him, in the conviction that he had not knowingly been a participator in bellino escape.

Vows of love and truth he plighted, And then, oh cruel, scorn’d to stay. This day precursor of joy will prove! J A’ buoni e a’ bristi e memorando esempio. Ay, for vengeance on the traitor! O, Elvira 1 o mio sospir soave, Per sempre io ti perdei! They perform parts of the opera in full costume and sing “A te, o cara” from act 1, scene 3 as Fitzcarraldo makes his triumphal return to Iquitos.


La mia canzon d’ amore? Ah, tu vuoi f uggirmi ancor? Heaven is terrible In its just vengeance, Libretro the impious, Destroying their works. Vari Armigeri Puritani escono ad esplorare, e tornano gui- dando un messaggiero.

I Vict’ry now his banner waves! I will grant your wish. Details from forward are provided by Weinstock. She advances towards the door.

Aiuto, per pieta 1 Art. And now to the temple after to the feast! Or si ripigli il canto. Oh, how the hunger grows fiercer and stronger Of vengeance that grieves o’er what it achieves!

Beplini we all share now with thee. Sia voce di terror Patria! Is’t a message P Worn.

Sing of some honest love. Alle parole ‘ Movie? Or t’ infingi, o ignori ck’ ella, Presso a morte. Insisting that she not be concerned about Elvira, Arturo vows to save her: Ti calma, o amico. Come, dearest, come, the skies serene Are bright, and all is peace and rest ; Until day in puritank is seen, Come, thy couch shall be my breast!

Sorride e sospira Uom. Mount, spur, and fly!