The modular ice cube machines with vertical evaporator are specially conceived for large scale users: fast food restaurants, discos, hotels and. ICEMATIC NM KG ICE MACHINE FOR SALE Cape Town, South Africa New price R @ Scotsman Serviced and regassed by Macbrothers Cont. Icematic NM ice machine & tray(bin) price negotable.

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This will, in turn, disactivate the relay contacts that controls the hot n021m and water drain valve which get deenergized allowing the unit to start a new freezing cycle. At the end of the 7th Rinsing cycle the P. With J2 closed the P. Answer all questions about the ice maker by the owner and inform the owner himseft of the name and telephone number of the authorized service agency serving him.

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Icematic nm troubleshoot – Fixya

With unit out of operation, clean the condenser using vacuum, cleaner, wisk broom or brush. FBRo Pretoria – Centurion 2 weeks ago. The purchaser of the unit will have a desired spot in mind, check out that spot to insure that it is: Always check nameplate on individual icemachine for special refrigerant charge before charging the refrigeration system. Be sure none remains in the bin. The hot gas circulating into the evaporator serpentine causes a slight melting of ice cubes which get released from their molds.

Food delivery bags 5 Konidaris R Magnetic Switch Located in the front of the evaporator plastic curtain, this switch sends a pulse to the P. Then, as the ice thickness reaches the value that corresponds to the full cube size, the film of water that constantly cascades over the slab of ice formed on the evaporator, arrives to establish a contact between the two fingers energised at low voltage of the ice sensor control, located on the front upper right side of the evaporator.


Board is equipped by an electronic safety timer that turns-on automatically the unit to defrost cycle when freezing cycle is longer then 30 or 40 minutes and trips-off completely unit when defrost cycle is longer then 3,5 minutes 4th Red LED ON. Please try submitting again in a bit.

The machine must switch off at storage bin full. Voltage variations shoud not exceed ten percent. The lead wires must be connected to an electrical plug that corresponds to the local electrical codes and requirements or to a separate two poles disconnect box with opening to the contacts of about 3 millimeters.

Add a icemagic of food grade silicone sealant to the top edges of the lower units freezing compartment. When the current reaches the PC Board, the water inlet solenoid valve is de-energised. Junk Mail This site uses cookies. Heavily chlorinated water can be controlled using charcoal or carbon filters.

Have the compressor holddown bolts been checked to be sure the compressor is snug on the mounting pads. Compressor amps experience a similar drop. Thi Pretoria – Pretoria West 2 days ago. High Pressure Control The high Pressure Control, a safety control, h201m factory set to cut-out, at 30 bar and cut-in at 22 bar.

In areas where extreme problem water n01m exist, filtering or purifyng equipment is recommended. Check iematic size and shape combination is correct. As it flows accross the refrigerated evaporator, some of the water will be chilled enough to change n2201m, turn to ice, and stay frozen onto the evaporator cells. The ideal drain receptacle would be a trapped and vented floor drain. Low water pressure, below 1 bar may cause malfunction, of the icemaker unit.


Please activate your alert from the email you will receive to confirm sign up. Adequate water supply pressures. Place again all cabinet panels and screws previously removed.

There is one 20 mm. Brand New Typical Cylinder Arm machines now available! Machine remains in operation NO: Please try submitting again in a bit.


A trimmer, located close to the transformer, can change the current received back from the Ice Tickness Sensor according to the Electrical Conductivity of the water.

Check all refrigerant lines and conduit lines to gard against vibration and possible failure.

Neon 3 tube light box R For Sale 1. Check and replace P.

SUPERSEDED Ice Sensor Icematic NM Ice Machine – AS Catering Supplies

Plasma Cutter C N C x mm Contact Me Plasma Cutter For Sale amp Plasma profile cutter x mm cutting bed size, amp hypertherm technology, starcut controller and software package included. Setting the ice thickness sensor in order to have single ice cubes may cause malfunction of the machine. When the ice plate is falling down from the evaporator, the magnetic switch is activated for a while providing the signal to the PC Board to restart a new freezing cycle. Thermostatic Expansion Valve The Thermostatic Expansion Valve regulates the flow of refrigerant to the evaporator and reduces pressure of liquid refrigerant from condensing pressure to evaporating pressure.

Pretoria – Pretoria West 2 days ago.

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