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Partie 3: Bureaux ouverts. INTERNATIONAL. STANDARD. ISO. First edition. Reference number. ISO (E). draft version of IOS in the final version of ISO does not suggest a classification scheme on open plan offices. With the revision of. PDF | In the new international standard ISO the measurement procedure for open-plan offices is described and a number of new room.

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Using the Echo is without a doubt the easiest and fastest way to measure the STI, and having a fully calibrated source renders a laborious 3382-33 calibration unnecessary.

Help Center Find new research papers in: The parameters specifically for open plan offices, and normal vocal effort is used here, and the octave the result is laid down in the new standard ISO band SPL Sound Pressure Level in a distance of [1]. So, the office 1, having additional sound absorbing baffles distraction distance in office 2 is short because the under the acoustical ceiling, and 1. So, the The purpose of this paper is to show how the same line of receivers is used but in opposite measurements in ISO can be simulated direction for the two series of simulations, and with room acoustical modeling software.

More research is needed in order to give guidelines for the interpretation of these parameters. Four measurement lines are used, each associated with a point source.

Occupants of an open plan office do not generally speak in all directions and in less diffuse environments the difference is measurable.

ISO – Acoustics — Measurement of room acoustic parameters — Part 3: Open plan offices

The crossing of 3382–3 regression line with STI values 0. Introduction1 efficiency of various acoustical measures in open plan office design. Note the logarithmic distance scale.


For each line sio spatial The calculations are made from a source position distribution of the STI is displayed using a linear to a number of receiver positions in different axis for the distance. The main axis of the source should be pointed in the direction of the microphone. Although this is a measurement 1 m in from of the mouth is as given in Table 1, method, the same procedure can be simulated in except for the Hz value, which has been room acoustic prediction software, which may estimated since it is not included in ANSI 3.

In the final 3382- this paragraph was removed, and the use of an omnidirectional source was mandated, but the sound power iao for a directional source remained in Table 1. As is obvious from this change, there has been kso can be discussion over the use of directional sources in ISO For instance, if looking only at the distraction distance it may be concluded that the more reverberant the better; but this would lead to very noisy conditions.

The office consists of two parallel wings Table II. Fortunately, such directivity data are available [3] and have been applied to derive 1 c European Acoustics Association the octave band sound power levels given in Table ISSN I. The same distance parameters is that they depend on a regression line is also used to determine the A- combined effect of absorption, screens and weighted SPL of speech at a distance of 4 m.

However, in other cases, typically with increasing distance from the source. Parameters based on A-weighted SPL determined by extrapolation, and it 3832-3 be greater When the source is radiating a noise signal with than the longest dimension on the office, and thus speech spectrum the 33382-3 SPL is the distraction distance is the more relevant determined in a number of positions with parameter.

Speech spectrum in octave bands for normal speech, SPL in a 3328-3 of 1 m on axis for directional source and sound power levels as applied in ISO [1].


The and the regression lines and derived parameters are background noise is 38 dB A-weighted with a calculated. Spatial decay of A-weighted SPL in office 3, measurement line 2. Speech spectrum for room acoustical amount of sound absorption, io introduction of measurements and calculations screens and the level of background noise.

A laboratory experiment to examine the effect of office 6. ODEON similarly for line 3 and four in the other wing.

BS EN ISO 3382-3:2012

The total length of the value for good acoustical conditions. With room acoustic simulation software these measurements can be simulated, thus providing a tool for the acoustical design of open-plan offices. Thus the good attenuation and high background noise, the spatial distribution of the A-weighted SPL can 33382-3 distraction distance cannot be determined displayed as a function of the distance using a extrapolation will give isk negative distance and logarithmic axis for the distance.

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Acoustical simulation of open-plan offices according to ISO | Jens Rindel –

Obviously the Echo will not produce results that are valid under the provisions of the ISO standard, but for a quick assesment of the situation it can save an enormous amount of time. However, in remote have also been simulated. Summary In the new international standard ISO the measurement procedure for open-plan offices is described and a number of new room acoustical parameters for the objective evaluation io defined.

In open plan offices the acoustical conditions can be influenced by different measures including the 2.

Proceedings of parameter when the background noise from human Inter-noise