Trouble with Lichen has ratings and reviews. said: ان جيلنا لا يعبأ بالتعاسة التي سيسببها..✒اللعنة على اطفال اطفالنا مادمنا نحن ع. Buy Trouble with Lichen: Classic Science Fiction by John Wyndham (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery. Trouble with Lichen [John Wyndham] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Francis Saxover and Diana Brackley, two scientists investigating a.

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A thriller this is not. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The book was first printed aroundand some of the vernacular, even the style of writing, shows it to clearly belong to that age. Fill in wyndbam details below or click an icon to log in: Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life.

An outstanding, classic science fiction text. That wyndhan why this novel is feminist. The author addresses these and many more social concerns of extended life for the masses. So at first I hadn’t quite grasped what was going on during the early stages of Trouble with Lichen. Agree, disagree – just don’t leave it on the shelf.

She leaves Darr House and sets up an exclusive beauty company, Nefertiti. Diana Brackley is simply too sympathetically drawn, although an unreconstructed male in would have been pretty qith of her. May 20, Ellie Reynard rated it really liked it. Women want to be young for ever. She knew nothing about how ordinary people would react, and she failed to assess just how much money this discovery could make for those unscrupulous enough to exploit it.

She and Francis separately manage to extract from the triuble a new drug, dubbed Antigerone, which slows down the body’s ageing process.

Trouble with Lichen by John Wyndham

During the war he worked as a censor in the Ministry of Information and afterwards served in the Army. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Many SF writers would be more interested in describing the social consequences of a drug that can extend the expectation of life tremndously but that is not Wyndham is after – he wants to suggest that women are not merely ornaments or baby factories and the beginning of wyndjam social revolution gives him plenty of space to do so.


A satirical and fantastical foray into world of biochemistry and the discovery of the cure for aging. What was it worth? The Seeds of Time. She also failed to take religious obsessives into account, and reactionaries who wwith to women being given this marvellous chance liichen extended life.

I first read this many years ago, probably when I was a teenager, and I loved it. And in this year ofin which the very notions of science, facts and research are being denigrated and pooh-poohed by so many, how nice to come lidhen a book with this telling statement about the matter The trouble is the lichen exists in a very small amount.

A very interesting look into the huge responsibility that comes with scientific discovery. I read several Wyndham novels when I was 12 or 13 – this was one of witj. Our deadliest susceptibility is trouuble, and our deadliest virtue is putting up with things as they are. As it turns out, the book is another unqualified success for Wyndham, if a tad drier than those other four titles just mentioned. She clearly had a special gimmick. The heroine is curi Not the best known of Wyndham’s books – the Triffids offer stiff competition – and one I’d overlooked.

You can imagine someone similar saying: Next Post Noblesse Oblige lidhen Wyndham is reflecting a very conservative society in his alternative present-day, because his plot of altered life expectancy requires a very conservative society to be broken apart by its implications. No flowery language and over the top descriptions. Would we be expected to?

It would, however, make for an excellent little primer on the perils of longevity, for instance, as supplementary reading in a bioethics course. Consider Her Ways ” Random Quest “. Diana called a meeting of her clients to tell them what their destiny was, was interviewed on the BBC, and in view of the increasing public hysteria and misunderstanding, asked to make a public statement that evening on air.

Diana takes her degree in biochemistry, and goes to work for a private research institution, where, one day, she notices a peculiar result from a stray contamination of some milk by a new sample of lichen just arrived from Mongolia. Published March 30, The pursuit of scientific truth? If you’ve Definitely not ‘gay’ as in cheerful satire. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Once again Wyndham has delivered a highly intelligent novel with a compelling theme and addresses licheen in an interesting and unique way.


Much more essay-esque than the rest of Wyndham’s stuff, and perhaps that’s contributed to it’s comparable lack of popularity.

Trade unions are dead set against it, fearing the lowly paid will be doing crappy jobs for three times as long, to keep the rich in the life of luxary for tripple time.

Apocalypse then

Nevertheless, despite being, in essence, a science fiction book, it has survived the sixty odd years since its publication in fine form, and it has an undimmed relevance to modern times, both in terms of the plot itself and also in the associated themes that come to be discussed. One of my major complaints regarding classic-era science fiction is the dearth of female characters with responsibilities that go beyond making tea. English Choose a language for shopping. A change of technique from coercion to diddle, and a generation of granddaughters who don’t even know they’re being diddled – and probably wouldn’t care more if they did.

As it turns out, I am in agreement with my younger self about how tedious this novel is. As it turned out, Wyndham was wrong-footed, in a way, by the invention of the contraceptive pill; that was the key that unlocked the prison door for modern Western women. You can’t get any promotion in it–not unless you take it up as a courtesan As each scientist wrestles with the implications and practicalities of exploiting the discovery, the world comes ever closer to learning the truth.