OK, I finished A Pale View of Hills by Kazuo Ishiguro last night, and am completely disturbed. I need to talk about it. If you haven’t read this book. Memory is an unreliable thing: the analysis of memory in “A Pale View of Hills” by Kazuo Ishiguro. Kazuo Ishiguro’s A Pale View of Hills () details the thoughts of Et- suko, the protagonist, and her conversations with her younger daughter. Niki in England.

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As a side note I loved how Etsuko’s later life began to mirror Ogata-san’s. Ooooh never say never Jessica. On reading it this second time–my memory of the subtle story had grown hazy over the intervening years–I all but jumped from my chair. I was really hoping we would learn what happened between Etsuko and Jiro You did exactly the right thing.

She used to come from a successful family, but lost everything, including all five voew of her family, and leaving just her oldest son. At first I was convinced that Sachiko was Etsuko later in her life and that the interaction between Etsuko and Sachiko which almost always occurred without anyone else but Mariko presentwas Etsuko’s younger self trying to make her older self a better person, whilst her older self tried to convince the younger to be a better mother to her child there were a lot of references throughout to the problems of motherhood for the post-war community.

Niki says that her dad “ignored her Keiko most of the time. I know there are many theories about what the author was attempting here, but even without them, I believe I have arrived at my own comfort level with the book. Perennial Classics editionThe Wars and Embers and I have many of those authors’ Nabokov, Lessing, Findley and Marai respectively other books in my tbr piles at home.

For me, Ishiguro is better when his first person unreliable ishigudo is a male instead of a female. Mar 05, Emily rated it really liked it.


Even when the characters are Japanese and have never been to Hillz, they talk like British.

Etsuko is unwilling to accept her past behavior Sachiko is a terrible mother and frequently leaves her daughter alone for hours at a time, allowing her to wander around by herself even though there has been a spate of child murders in the area; she also hasn’t enrolled Mariko in school, and plans to ishiguri the child against her will to America with her boyfriend, whom Mariko hatesso she invents a “friend” to project her disapproval onto.

The past, her life in post-WWII Japan with her first husband and the birth of her first child Kieko, and then the present, defined by her life in England with her second husband and her daughter Niki.

I would have preferred to be able to be certain of viw happened rather than not. Es ist sehr schwierig, dieses Buch ohne Spoiler zu besprechen, deshalb folgt unten ein Spoiler-Abschnitt. I went back a couple times to a point where I felt a bit confounded and I’m glad I did. I just finished this book. His fourth novel, The Unconsoledwon the Cheltenham Prize.

The analysis of memory in “A Pale View of Hills”

Who are we to judge Etsuko? In addition a new city is being built where so much hilla been physically destroyed. To begin with, Etsuko tells of two memories where she goes out looking for Kieko in the woods at night and finds the child under a willow tree and runs away scared.

View all 50 comments. I was leaning towards Interpretation 2; I can certainly see how there is enough in there vidw suggest Etsuko is an actual murderer and perhaps that’s what Ishiguro means when he talks about holes – you may have already said this. Etsuko does not speak to Mariko, or anyone else in ishiuro novel, for that matter, using this commanding sort of tone.

I was trying to explore that type of language, how people use the language of self-deception and self-protection. You are commenting using your WordPress. Don’t be fooled – it doesn’t. Etsuko repeatedly expresses concern for Mariko’s whereabouts and well-being.


The analysis of memory in “A Pale View of Hills” | Anglozine

Mary Grehan December 4, at 4: I always hoped Setsuko would leave Mariko with the old cousin and uncle in Japan hence there would have been no need to cruelly drown the kittens but Mariko probably stubbornly refused tu budge from the cottage though her mother had already left for Kobe. Etsuko speaks to the little girl the way Sachiko speaks to Mariko throughout the novel.

This is a key point I think: And it is completely a story of memories. They are both constantly making excuses for their actions. Mariko also seems to read Etsuko similarly – she is afraid of Etsuko with the rope and runs away. He trusts his readers and seems want you to do some of the work yourself and that to me really appealed.

I guess I was going with something like Interpretation 1, like with some kind of Mulholland Kazui body-switching thing. Here’s more from the interview: I’m still not sure.

The drowning of the kittens is just too close a parallel for the woman drowning the baby and then supposedly killing herself.

It seems that each person is constantly trying not to upset the other but there are so many underlying issues that this makes conversation almost sinister at times. Sachiko had a daughter named Mariko, a girl whom Etsuko’s memory paints as exceptionally solitary and antisocial.

It would be perfect for book group because you could probably discuss it for hours. I’ve been thinking through all the possible readings suggested here and have agreed with them all at one point or kazuoo, though each leaves gaps to be had in making sense of other parts of the plot.