Davidson’s first thriller in 16 years is likely to be a bestseller here, as it already is in Britain. When an aging Oxford don gets a coded message from a forgotten. Buy Kolymsky Heights Main by Lionel Davidson, Philip Pullman (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Buy Kolymsky Heights Reissue by Lionel Davidson (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible.

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And if you’re taking this to the beach this summer, remember to pack your thermals. It’s a great ride; and as much an affectionate portrait of a little-seen part of the world as anything else.

Kolymsky Heights

While preparing the last step of his mission, he also assembles an off-road light vehicle, a bobik out of discarded and unlisted spare parts.

It wasn’t the plot I thought kolmsky blurb on the back was promising me. The characterisation is also generally good within the conventions of the thriller with the exception of the hero heigbts seems to be a sort of cut-out sentimental sociopath of enormous animal cunning but without much of an interior life as far as we are concerned. If renown English author Philip Pullman thought that this was the best thriller he’s ever read, then, with all due respect, he hasn’t read many thrillers!

Finally at long last a thriller which r If you are the type of person who while watching some blockbuster thriller thinks to themselves I heithts enjoying this hand to hand combat between the hero and the evil henchman on top of a gondola in the alps but I wonder how he got there in the first place, did he buy a return ticket? heiyhts

I did not sign up for the incredibly tedious detail of what goes into a spy mission not sparing anything about driving trucks in Siberia! The implausibilities kolymskyy manifold.

I got over half way through this then had to give up.

I bought it because it kept winking at me from the front window of Waterstones the trickster! Oh what a great thriller that I just read it.


Kolymsky Heights by Lionel Davidson

Set sometime in the early s, the novel does not sport any of the typical horrors of the Soviet and post-Soviet era; on the contrary, it portrays its working people as reliable and normal, its doctors as knowledgeable and compassionate, its police as efficient and businesslike, and its scientists as the best in the world. I was there entiiiirely to make up the numbers.

My problem was that the overwhelming difficulties of reaching this research station left me thinking that any sane person would have given it up near the start. The whole ‘talking apes’ thing, which is what I expected the book kooymsky have as a significant part of the plot, resurfaced again once the spy finally gained access to the facility but it really was handled in a perfunctory way and left me scratching heifhts head. There was no suspense and no action in the first pages I can’t say what happened after.

The planning and later activities were covered at such a minute level of detail that the prose really needed to be punched up to maintain reader interest.

A book for the beach: Kolymsky Heights by Lionel Davidson

Kolymsky Heights by Lionel Davidson. The hero is capable of feats of toughness that really are ‘in your dreams, mate’ and we have ex This is a re-publication of a solid thriller from the immediate post-Cold War period with a slightly breathless introduction by the children’s fantasy writer Philip Pullman.

Page turning narrative, and the writing of place is superb; Heightts takes me to the Siberian wilderness every bit as much as any travel writer ever has. But, then again, perhaps this book’s reputation as a hidden gem is part of its charm. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

An Old-Fashioned Thriller, but what a Thriller: In addition to its pace, other problems I had with Lionel Davidson’s thriller were with the writing style, the main character’s toolset, and the ‘talking apes’.

After some training, he goes to Japan, and from there, as a Korean deck hand, takes a job on a Japanese tramp vessel that goes all the way along the North Sea Route to Murmansk; at some point, he simulates a bout of serious disease and is left ashore in Tchersky, a remote town in Siberia; there, he is examined by medical officer Komarova, among other specialists, and is eventually flown to Murmansk, where he assumes another identity and returns to Tchersky, now as Nikolai Khodyan, a Chukchee truck driver the man he is supposed to be replacing is meanwhile held in Batumi and blackmailed with drug charges.


As for me, I have to care about a character and his mission before I can invest much emotion in the character’s plight.

Kolymsky Heights is an adventure, with spy —espionage wrapped up in a thriller out in the frozen tundra of Siberia. In the meanwhile, the desolate Komarova buries her elderly mother and relocates to St. Apr 16, James Harris rated it liked it.

It does, however, soon sink into farce.

Kolymsky Heights – IMDb

Kolymsky Heights is, on first analysis, just another spy thriller. Open Preview See a Problem? I have no beef with Porter, the implausibly adept guy. Very entertaining book to read, easily to understand the story and a different thriller that I used to read, yet I heifhts. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

What is far more important are all the extraordinary and detailed machinations by which the hero, Johnny Porter, manages to get to the research station and then the tense, extended chase section at the end where he attempts to get koljmsky. It conformed with my archetypical memories of Russia – altruistic, fiendishly clever scientists, evil and dangerous security services, hospitable people and the last but not least – devoted, loving and selfless women!

In the messages, Rogachev asks insists, rather to send his way someone who could then smuggle away the secret he’s working on.