Lights Out by HalfFast Page Chapter 2 – The Exodus. Mark was worried about his family. As he walked to his Jeep to get the. Feb 1, Lights Out by Halffast – Free PDF Book. «on: October 10, , PM». A listener to the show named Brian sent this to me. Read about the first 50 pages. Dec 9, A great many of us in the survival/preparedness “community” have read Halffast’s Lights Out. Some, like me, consider it a catalyst; one of the.

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I really appreciate them! Jan 03, Amanda rated it it was amazing. The characters are so well-developed you can’t help but love and empathize with them. To ask other readers questions about Lights Outplease sign up. It has ‘Alas Babylon” beat too. Stein Dedicated Contributor Posts: PDFpages. Faik Seyhan rated it really liked it Jan 18, Kimberly Pharris rated it it was amazing Mar 19, Their reports are pretty sober reading.

Easy read, simple to follow. Read about the first 50 pages so far and it seems pretty good.

A Toast to Halffast – Lights Out | Survival Monkey Forums

Here’s a link where you can order Lights Out. The more the merrier. HalffastDec 14, Pretty realistic stuff to me set in the San Antonio and South Texas areas. All of these types of fiction are only starter sparks. Oht book begins right away with the EMP, and follows Mark, his family, and his friends through the tough process of survival. Return to Book Page. Nothing realistic about zombies, but it puts ideas in your mind for escape, evasion, defense and situational awareness. July 16, I, too, would like to have a hard copy, but won’t print it out either.

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Well, I just finished Lights Out. It really makes you think ha,ffast realize what we have and what we, God forbid, may need lihgts day.

Thank you very much, both of you. May your words warm the hearts and alert the minds of your readers. Pretty well written for “fan fiction” I guess you could say. I didn’t mean that halffawt was a fantastic book on military strategy. I’m about pages into Lights Out, and I’m enjoying it quite a bit. January 07, But i still find it ligghts unrealistic and sensationalism oriented.

I’ve read just about all of Jerry’s stuff.

It still took a 4″ 3-ring binder to hold it all. Wind rated it it was amazing Oct 13, Congrats, I am so happy for you.

Powered by SMF 1. I think “Lights Out” has been taken off line now because the author has an offer from a main-stream book publisher. I liked the fact it took place in Texas so heat rather than cold was an issue, but I felt it glossed over a okt too many potential issues.

On my Must read list for anyone who is thinking about prepping or who already is. I was up reading until No one in LA is like anyone in the book. Thanks so much llights all of the well wishes, guys. Witch Doctor 01Dec 9, The book begins right away with the EMP, and follows Mark, his family, and his friends through the Survival in a post-apocalyptic America.


I found it disappointing. Discussion in ‘ Survival Reading Room ‘ started by midmoDec 9, In some, again like me, that in turn lead to even more Jm Cool rated it liked it Apr 13, I thought it was a great book, hard to put down. This book made me rethink many of my ideas about things. Good character development and story line, halffash being entertaining and including lots of practical things to think about in prepping.

It’s up to you to get a good flame going.

A Toast to Halffast – Lights Out

I’d ask you to join me with the beverage of your choice, if you are so inclined. Some, like me, consider it a catalyst; one of the forces that eventually helped lift a veil of ignorance, denial, or apathy from our eyes, and helped us realize that while life-changing events may not be inevitable, they are certainly possible.

Of course I will toast. Unlike ‘Patriots” llights “teaching” element, as you said, this book shows the social element along with the tactical, which makes it a far better read and way more educational as a result.

Just ordered a couple copies