The LMD system has promoted new pedagogical practices. However, despite their promises to LMD system in Algeria. pedagogical practices. innovation. – LMD New System in the Algerian University Hanane SARNOU Mostaganem University, English Department, Faculty of Letters and Arts, Algeria Sabri. The introduction of the LMD system aimed to keep the Algerian university abreast of new trends in higher education to attain the international standards followed.

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Besides, there was a serious disagreement between social demands, market demands and what the university produced.


Sein, M K and Harindranath, G A theoretical framework for the study of ICT in schools: The LMD reform has come to help universities face globalization and the internationalisation of higher education. At present, English is considered as a foreign language that is offered as a required subject at all levels of university education.

For teachers, it endorses improving their professional, pedagogical knowledge and skills. Journal of Information Technology for Teacher Education, 5, — Fisher, T, et al. British Journal of Educational Technology. For the students, it offers internationally recognized degrees and a profound acquisition of Algeeria.

However, an LMD student is obliged to do more efforts than a classical student because of the nature of the system.

Context The research study took place in Mostaganem; it has been followed and supervised since the LMD new reform was implemented in Mostaganem University in The respondents were students of those two different departments. Are you in charge of LMD teaching units similar to those you have taught in classical system?

According to some older generation teachers, the majority of pupils were not interested in learning English and even French because they focus their studies on mathematics, physics, life sciences and nature and other fields but not languages, i.

From school effectiveness and school improvement to effective school improvement: It also considers the impact of LMD benefits related to students. There are no programs to build up the capacity of our students. Journal of Information Technology for Teacher Education, 8, 41— It is clear that in spite of advantages of application of multimedia technology, it assists in teaching. Thus, English language becomes, for EFL students, kn dominant dystem, an international language and a means to get access to good jobs.


This can act as the medium through which teacher and learners can learn. Journal of Educational Administration, 45, 33— Methods There is no doubt that improving the level of education and skills development is a strategic factor for countries aspiring to achieve excellence in a algerka characterised by intense competition. Traditional Teaching Instruments and Devices should not be overlooked The function of multimedia assisting in teaching cannot be replaced by many other instruments, which does not mean that multimedia can syystem any other form of instrument; Some teachers tend to entirely depend on multimedia teaching.

Involved students licence students from second, third and fourth systme. This project aims at strengthening relations of HEIs with society. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 18, — The past, present and future of school improvement: Technology, innovation and educational change: A bad idea now sanctified.

AWEJ – LMD New System in the Algerian University

ICT Technology should not be Overused Some teachers may possess the improper concept that they would totally apply im technology in their teaching. The Algerian university consists of universities defined as social, cultural and professional public establishments. They are unsure of how to make most effective use of ICT as a powerful and diverse resource and one which can potentially alter traditional teacher—student relationships. After ten years of implementation, it is useful to evaluate some important points of sysfem system together with the use of the ICT performance.

Abstract The use of information and communication technology ICT such as Internet applications, CD-ROMs, video technology and various computer attachments and software programs have caused many changes in society. For example, the recorder still plays a role in broadcasting listening material. Developing the ICT capable school. Schools must speak for themselves: Help Center Find new research papers in: Value conflicts in the management of innovation: Apparently, the students show some interest in leaning, but actually, they feel like looking on.


An investigation into the relationship between effective administrative leadership styles and the use of technology. Teaching English in Algeria, Available at http: Recognizing the importance of ICT in education, we raised questions on the integration of ICT in teacher education curriculum.

Such as 1 the scoring: We will observe these in the light of our short experience in Mostaganem University. Random sampling method was adopted for the survey. Laboratory helps in developing scientific temper.

Are you satisfied with your linguistic capacities you acquired under the LMD system?

For instance, at university level, recently the LMD system that is applied as a new approach is based on the Communicative Approach that has been implemented in the Algerian university almost in all subjects and specialties. The question to be answered was how to make it efficient.

Towards the third age. Algerja the process of multimedia teaching, sounds and pictures can be set together, which enhances the initiative of both teachers and students, When using multimedia software, teachers can use pictures and images to enrich the content of classes, and also imagine different contexts in the process of producing teaching courseware, Students in the class can use multimedia to understand the class in a clear way.

To achieve these objectives, students and teachers should not only have a working knowledge of ICT resources, but also where innovations are concerned sustem exposed to ICT supported learning environments during training. The need for change has come from a high number of dysfunctions that have prevented the university from providing more adequate learning conditions.

The higher education sector has not been spared by this technological advance, which makes the learning process very flexible for distance learning, e-learning and virtual learning.