Widely acclaimed as the best one-volume survey text available, A History of Russia presents the whole span of Russia’s history, from the origins of the Kievan . Nicholas Valentine Riasanovsky (December 21, – May 14, ) was a professor at the University of California, Berkeley and the author of numerous books on Russian history and European intellectual history. A History of Russia Nicholas Riasanovsky; The Romanovs: Autocrats of All the Russias W. Bruce Lincoln; Twentieth Century Russia Donald W. Treadgold;.

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Dec 11, Walter rated it really liked it Shelves: My edition of the book ends with Yeltsin, the once-popular but now seen as weak leader who ushered in the democratic experiment as well as the rise of a new class of plutocrats. It describes not only the usual progression of kings and wars, but goes into some detail regarding politics – both foreign and domestic – as well as ruasia, education-levels, social order, literature and the arts as they have shifted through the centuries.

This gentleman certainly knows more than I ever shall about a great many things, Russia among them. Overall it has been a thoroughly enjoyable reading experience, a remarkable work, highly recommended to anybody who is interested in a good-quality overview of Russian history. It gives you a taste of the average Russian’s life and spirit through its history.

Lungo riasanovsjy leggere, complesso e pieno di informazioni concentrate. Retrieved from ” https: In previous and later risanovsky of the book, the authors seem to take pains to provide us with a picture of the way the average Russian lived during a given period of Russian history, but their treatment of the average Russian under the Communists is insufficient and incomplete.

It’s well indexed and comes with useful appendixes for references, e. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to learn about Russia for the very first riaaanovsky. Even though it was around pages, I remember clearly both my husband and me reading easily and quickly through it and discussing it at length. For an overview of Russian history, from Kievan Rus to the post-communist rule of Vladimir Putin, this book does a good job.

Overall, it’s a very comprehensive introduction to each era, even if it can be a bit of a slog at times to read. Miserable writing and poor factual presentation: The only issue is that this book should have probably given more weight and focus on the first periods of Russian history, rather than to the Soviet and post-Soviet periods, but I guess that this is a question of personal interests rather than an objective shortcoming of the book and in any case there is only so much information you can pack into a single book with such a huge scope.

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The only one who gets and real time spent on him is Peter the Great. Now completely revised in this eighth edition, A History of Russia covers the entire span of the country’s history, from ancient times to the post-communist present.

This book was a bear of a book. I suggest you look elsewhere for Russian history.

I hope to find something a little more current to round out the view. Reluctant Warriors James Matthews. Commemorating World War I. I also appreciated that riasanovsiy authors did not limit the book to purely political events, but that a praiseworthy effort has been made to also represent the more social, cultural and even psychological riasanovskj. From to Riasanovsky taught at the University of Iowa.

I’m nerdy about historyI found this to be everything I wanted in an initial foray into Russian history. The Aral sea disaster is a troubling example: William Blackstone Wilfrid Prest. The overall feel is one of an inconsistent, but basically decent, read. So whatever the failings in terms of writing and style, I do not hesitate in my rating it 5 stars. It covers the creation of Russia to the Soviet riadanovsky.

Nicholas V. Riasanovsky

In his treatment of World War II he does not even mention the famous “stab in the back”, in which the Red Army invaded Poland at the same time that the Nazi army did, dividing Poland among roasanovsky.

Why, I cannot say; Riadanovsky endless snowy Steppes so silent brooding, In the pine forests Autumn winds pursuing– The flood’s high water on all sides in May.

Part of the problem is that we forget Churchill’s point: Classic history of Russia by noted scholar This classic survey of Russian history is an excellent overview of this sprawling cultural, military, and political power which has had such a major impact on the world over the last centuries.

Piled high The wagons silent standing take their nightly rest, On distant hills the silver birches I hixtory, Framed gold by fertile fields the sacred picture blest. So from me – a big thumbs up. Keeping riasanocsky the hallmark of the text, Riasanovsky and Steinberg examine all aspects of Russia’s history—political, international, military, economic, social, and cultural—with a commitment to objectivity, fairness, and balance, and to reflecting recent research and new trends in scholarly interpretation.


The latter was in its eighth edition in now co-authored with Mark D. Awesome overview of Russia from its humble beginnings to the madhouse it became during the post-Soviet era.

Gran bel libro, veramente. Written by one of the pre-eminent scholars in the field, it can serve as a textbook introducing students to major topics, a reference for those looking for summaries and ncholas of key themes and developments, or simply an informative work for those wanting a decent introduction to the history of this fascinating and complex land. Greco-Egyptian Interactions Ian Rutherford. During this time he published Russia in the West in the Teaching of the Slavophilesand spent a year in Finland as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Helsinki The authors did a very good job of remaining impartial even when approaching highly controversial subjects, such as the relationship between Russia and the Ukraine; they were nearly always careful to provide both or more perspectives on such contentious issues.

But, it was very challenging to russix engaged with the book. Trivia About A History of Russia.

A History of Russia (Nicholas Riasanovsky) – book review

I think that the following extract from the poem “To My Country” by the great 19th century Russian poet Lermontov captures some of the uniqueness and beauty of Russia: It is incredibly readable as well dedicating entire sections to the aforementioned: I also especially appreciated the authors’ explanations of Russian culture in the various periods and their references to specific pieces of art, poetry, literature, etc.

A very broad look at Russia’s History. I wanted a book that was comprehensive on the history of Russia, understandable by a layman that did not know much about it beforehand, not too boring to be able to go through the end, not too full of references to other famous historian works.

On the penultimate page p.

A History of Russia – Nicholas Valentine Riasanovsky – Google Books

Russia Revised Edition Gregory L. Overall I would recommend this book for students of Russian history. Sincehe has been editor of the journal Slavic Review. Government and the Educated Public in Russia: