Biografi Chairul Tanjung on WN Network delivers the latest Videos and Editable pages for News & Events, including Entertainment, Music, Sports, Science and. Indonesians know Chairul Tanjung as Minister of Economy, but the Jakarta born businessman has several successful companies before being. Biografi Chairul Tanjung (). Retrieved August 30, from http://info-

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Do not let the many who take the instantaneous instantbecause in the business world patience is one key to steal the heart of the market. Early life Chairul Tanjung was born in Jakarta on June 16, The situation is forcing parents to sell the house and move to stay in the room inn which sempi He is is a businessman from Indonesia. If you enjoyed this article just click hereor subscribe to receive more great content just like it.

He worked with Morita to establish the business. Chairul Tanjung was born in Jakarta on June 16, bipgrafi Build integrity is important for Chairul. Posted by muhammad sihabuddin at From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

When arriving in the New Order era, his father’s business was forced to close due to politically opposed to the rulers at that time. Forbes stated that Chairul ranks th richest person in the world with total assets of U.

Chairul Tanjung

Not all results can be received directly. Under the group, Chairul has a number of companies in various fields such as: He became the national noble student in and While studying, he and his two friends started a shop that sold books and T-shirts then they rapidly became a big shop selling doctors and laboratories equipment. Chairul also founded a medical supply store and laboratory numbers Senen Raya, Central Jakarta, but it broke.


He also opened a photocopy on campus.

His parents was A. Directing business to a conglomerate, Chairul reposition itself into three core businesses: Coordinating Minister for Economcs 19 May —27 October According to him, building a business is not like turning the palm of the hand. Chairul finished the Boedi Oetomo senior high school in Had ups and downs, he eventually built a successful business. In order to meet the needs of college, he starts a business from scratch that is selling textbooks stencils, shirts, and others on campus.

Create your page here. He is the former Coordinating Minister for Economics in the Indonesian cabinet. He expanded his business interests into insurance and securities. Mega Corp, Trans Corp, and CT Global Resources that include financial services, media, retail, lifestyle, entertainment, and natural resources Thought.

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Monday, 31 December Forbes stated that Chairul ranks the world with total assets of U. He does not shut fhairul to working with multinationals from abroad.

Chairul Tanjung was born in Jakarta. Test Copy Theme, me and you, not what-what, enjoy this. For Chairul, a good friend will help evolve business processes undertaken.

Biografi Chairul Tanjung

It takes a patience, and never give up. Inhe bought a minority share of Garuda Indonesia. In new order era, his father’s business got shut down by the government for helping the old order era.


This page was last edited on 26 Octoberat His conglomerate, the Group becomes a fanjung enterprise in charge of some other companies such as Trans TV and Mega Bank After finishing school in high school Boedi Oetomo inentered Chairul Department hcairul Dentistry, University of Indonesia graduated He was born in a very rich family because his father is a reporter and established a magazine company.

According to Chairul, capital is important in building and growing a business. His family economy turns degrees where their big house and cars were sold to cover debt and for a living, they must live in a tiny apartment.

As an achievement, according tanujng the magazine, Chairul one of the world’s richest man from Indonesia.

Biografi Chairul Tanjung by Muhammad Rizal on Prezi

He worked with Akio Morita to establish the business. Inhe bought a minority share of Garuda Indonesia. Regarding the purchase of Carrefour, the MoU memorandum of understanding signed the share purchase tanggal12 Carrefour in France in March This is where the importance of networking networking in running the business.

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