For example, code HS taken from BTBMI (10 digits). 01 01 11 xx xx . __ Chapter 1. _____ Heading ______ Sub-heading ______. ff24ffcc3-undang-undang-nomortahunpdf, , 87K . products (currently subject to export licensing and taxes) as of , when replaced the Indonesian Entry Custom Tariff Book (BTBMI) with.

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In the delivery of goods and services, global sourcing can grant businesses access to low-cost raw materials, tax breaks and low trade tariffs. Beyond cost, the advantages for SMEs of global sourcing may include:. Learning how to do business in a potential market. Tapping into skills or resources unavailable domestically.

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Conversely, some key disadvantages of global sourcing can include:. Hidden costs associated with different cultures and time zones. Exposure to financial and political risks in countries with emerging economies. Added risk of loss of intellectual property. Increased monitoring costs relative to domestic supply. Risk supply route disruption. Difficulty of monitoring product quality. Indonesia has become a preferred market for the sourcing of many products, starting with its own natural resources and raw materials supply.

In addition, Indonesia is becoming an industrial giant and many international businesses have selected it as either a privileged sourcing country or as a location to establish manufacturing hubs. Ministry of Trade, Economic Bthmi, This institution administers all trade activities, such as the registration of companies and businesses, and market development. Sourcing from Indonesia requires businesses to seek local exporters that fulfill two sets of requirements, stemming from both domestic and European Union regulations.

It is important to explain both sides for EU companies bttbmi have a clear image of 214 complexity of the procedure expected by the local counterpart, but also if in the future they decide to manufacture in Indonesia. Administrative steps to be able to export your product are the following: Pay taxes before submitting documents to Customs Office. In order to be authorized to export, local-based companies need to fill the PEB Pemberitahuan Ekspor Barangotherwise known as the Export Declaration.

European Union Importing Requirements. The required type of certification depends on the company, the product category and the business sector. The food sector, for example, normally requires many types of certifications, while other sectors require less or none.

The following are the highlights of the requirements established by the EU.

Before starting a sourcing operation from Indonesia, companies should consult the dedicated website of the EU Export Helpdesk for the most updated information, 4 which also notes the administrative documents required. The first 6 digits of the HS Code are the same in every country worldwide. Possible additional digits may be used by individual countries if they require a more detailed system to suit their national standards.

Btbmo has an digit system based on the international 6-digit bybmi. The additional digits indicate European product categories the 7 th th digits and a national number used for national VAT purposes and national restrictions the 11 th digit. By integrating and coding these measures, the TARIC ensures their uniform application by all Member States and gives economic operators a clear view of the wide tbbmi of provisions which are to be undertaken when importing in 2041 exporting goods from the EU.


Finding the right tariff category for particular goods is very important, because it will gtbmi the duty and taxes, as well as the importation documents. There are three main packaging types which depend on the purpose of the packaged goods.

Each main type is subject to requirements. They can be divided into sales packaging for private consumers B2Csales packaging for business customers B2B and other business packaging e. The labeling requirements depend on the imported goods. Violating labeling regulations can cause several problems, including fines or even the prohibition of goods from entering the European market.

Directorate General for National Export Development

Usually, there are btbm regulations for products that will be directly distributed to the consumer B2C. To find the specific labeling regulations for goods, check the EU Export Btb,i website mentioned above.

This mark proves that the wood met the requirements during inspection at the point of export or import. According to the most recent amendment to the regulations inused wood must be free of bark, with small exceptions. The markings should be legible, visible, permanent and non-transferable. A trade tariff is a tax or duty placed on goods crossing political borders or Customs Unions. Import tariffs are the most common barriers, involving a tax being levied on products entering from another country.

It is possible to check in advance the duty that applies to a given product and the required documents for the importation process to the EU. The EU Export Helpdesk has a broad and up-to-date library of btbmmi and requirements for export that apply in Indonesia. Common customs tariff duties are applicable to all goods imported into the EU. Customs duties can be temporarily suspended totally or partially for certain goods. Under tariff quotas, specified quantities of goods can be imported at btbmk or zero duty rate, as long as they do not overlap with any anti-dumping duties also in place.

Preferential tariff quotas exist under trade agreements and autonomous preferential arrangements between the EU and selected countries. This means that a predetermined volume of goods originating in a specified country can be imported into the EU at a more favorable duty rate. Indonesia benefits from GSP for all products covered by the system except:. Htbmi animals and animal products excluded fish. Animal or bybmi oils, fats and waxes. Chemicals other than organic and inorganic chemicals Section 6b.

Autonomous tariff quotas can be opened for some economic sectors in order to stimulate competition inside the EU. They are normally granted to raw materials, semi-finished goods or components not available in the Btnmi in sufficient quantities.

No tariff quotas are granted for finished products. These are developments that are worthwhile to keep up with, as a future agreement might have an important bearing on facilitating EU-Indonesia trade for certain goods and services. Threats to national security or public interest. Protection of intellectual property rights.

Protection of 2104 life and health. Damage to the environment and ecosystems. Commitments of iInternational treaties or agreements concluded by the government. List of Restricted Materials for Export Natural Rubber and its derivative products. With this tool, European and Indonesian companies can meet buyers and sellers spontaneously, among the EU and Indonesian users of the website.


Ministry of Trade Membership Supplier Forum. Additionally, the Ministry of Trade of Indonesia has its own online tool for buyers and sellers, composed mostly of verified Indonesian companies. For more information, please check http: Indonesia has a well-established regional and global reputation for furniture and handicrafts. Indonesia has access to a variety btmi wood types such as teak, suar, mahogany or tamarind.

The furniture industry in Indonesia is one of the sectors with the highest potential for import into the EU. Regarding timber products, especially exotic woods, EU Regulations have tightened in order to prevent illegal logging products from entering EU soil. Since the EU-Indonesia VPA entered into force on 1 MayIndonesian wooden furniture can be imported more easily into the EU, if its terms are correctly applied to the imported products.

They must be in possession of valid documents proving that the wood used for manufacturing furniture does not originate from illegal logging. As mentioned in section 2. Importing wooden furniture from Indonesia requires a strong understanding of trade requirements and country standards at source and destination.

One way to facilitate process is for EU importers to work with reliable Indonesian counterparts. However, finding a work-ready partner may take some time, given that they need to be in possession of all the necessary documents.

Meanwhile, there are some obligatory certificates that are required in order to access the Btbim Market. This implementation will help Indonesia to meet growing demand for legal timber. This regulation classifies btbbmi products into two categories. The EU adopted the Timber Regulation to halt the circulation of illegal timber in the European market.

From that date on, all imports of timber into any EU Member State have to pass a due diligence assessment to prevent illegal timber from entering the market.

How to Use HS Code

Importers do not have to apply this due diligence assessment to timber products arriving from exporting countries that have signed and implemented a VPA with the EU, including Indonesia. Such timber is considered as having bybmi risk of being illegal under the EUTR. To ensure transparency the VPA outlines the forest-related information to be placed in the public domain, the institutions responsible for making that information available and the btbim by which this information can be accessed.

By signing the VPA, timber products exported from Indonesia to the EU may be considered as having a negligible risk of illegality under the EUTR, saving European operators and their supply chains time and money. In addition, this may increase confidence for Indonesian timber suppliers and make Indonesian timber products more attractive than those originating from non-VPA countries. Ministry of Trade Republic Indonesia Jl.

Ministry of Industry Republic Indonesia Jl. Gatot Subroto, Senayan Jakarta 201 EU Ntbmi in Indonesia. Menara Kadin Indonesia Lt. Jalan RP Soeroso No. Gedung Graha Surveyor Indonesia lantai Jendral Gatot Subroto Kav. Rukan Sudirman Park, Blok B To learn more about customs regulations consult: