Results 1 – 36 of 36 Free Shipping on many items across the worlds largest range of C3g Tube. Find the perfect Christmas gift ideas with eBay. Buy C3G vacuum tubes online, in stock and ready to ship! Find reviews, data sheets and specs to upgrade your tube amplifier. Built specifically for the German post, these are special quality – 10, hour pentodes for use in AF and RF circuits. This really is the ULTIMATE preamp tube.

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My tubes Anonymous Collector. Also it must have been a big customer.

Also do the next experiment if you have the equipment: But of course, I could be wrong Anyway this is not what good signal transmission is about, but it was the limits of what was possible with ocean cables. Don’t know what to think The ideal repeater amplifier adds no noise, has no distortion, draws no current, is very small, and needs no service.


C3m inside C3g with cap. Multiple differences or of other kind: Any tube from In short, a frame grid means the grid wire is not self supporting, but is wound around a hard metal frame.

Rajtko kindly sent some pictures of his D3a collection and C3g valves: I have an original price list not a copy. Delivery Options see all. Then, if you click the picture it gets enlarged, and you can see the wires. Engraved logo old style.

Little Dot Tube Amps: Vacuum Tube Rolling Guide

Now, don’t take me wrong, but not knowing doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. This would logically mean, these are selected out of normal production.

Huge gain, current capability and transconductance. This is the world tubf C3g, C3m, C3o. The tube tester W20 Card from above However little tubes like C3g can not really use the getter any more after activation. I have seen the original test tools for Cg and C3g-S selection myself, in Ulm. They must be like this, and nothing else. C3g as well as D3a a really linear and revered valves in triode mode.


C3g Tube for sale | eBay

The “3” I believe is to show they tune third generation post tubes. So you can always tell if the tubes are still good. Post of The other is the mica. Canada Rate item arrived 0. They were used in repeater amplifiers for long distance telephony.

This is hard to explain in just a few lines. You will find thousands of tubes or valves with interesting links.

Matched pair C3g tubes. For applications like pre-amp tubes, or driver tubes for 45 or 2A3 the C3g can be used as well. With the the Barium flash you see, is only used for initial vacuum during production. If the days come where we only can buy used one, it’s no problem too, since the end-of-life hube clearly specified in the data sheets.