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In following the administration reform the town regained the position of the poviat seat, lost in While walking around the town, at the intersection of the Farna and Staszica streets, the visitors may also see a monument commemorating king Boleslaus III the Wrymouth, one of the most notable and bravest rulers of the Piast dynasty.

Citizen Service Point I – Department of Administrative Affairs

Inthe town was incorporated into the Crown and with the many privileges granted by king Casimir IV Jagiellon it grew rich and became an important centre of crafts and culture.

These items, found on the battlefield by the Museum employees, donated by the inhabitants of the Sochaczew region, or the families of soldiers killed during the battle and ceivg who survived, form a unique collection, one of the most extensive collections of this type in Poland and abroad.

WordCamp Poznan, second time in Poland. In the vicinity, at the foot of the castle hill, an open amphitheatre with a concert hall is situated. It was also from here that transports of food were expedited to Warsaw, interakhywny aid for soldiers fighting in the Warsaw Uprising in A historic part of an old mansion-house belonging to the Count Skarbek family is located in a picturesque park full of exotic trees and shrubs, designed by Franciszek Krzywda Polkowski.


The remnants of the rich history of Sochaczew are its cemeteries. Talks have been also held on the necessity of the trade exchange: Sochaczew focused economy, investment and social development.

Inne serwisy

Now this is csidg only remembrance of those times in the area of the district. The industrial development of this area dates back to early medieval blacksmithing. Until the November Uprising, the governing bodies of the Polish Kingdom appropriated vast amounts of money for the town development.

Opposite the parish cemetery, at the Traugutta street, a lovely roadside statuette of St.

The first mentions of Sochaczew as a seat of the stronghold starosts date back tohowever it originated from a marketplace settlement, established in the 10th or 11th century at the intersection of trade routes from the East to the West and from the South to the North. Optimization of CMS WordPress reduce the weight of website code, pictures compression, database optimization, protection against basic attacks and viruses.

Guests from Melton Mowbray, just like our Ukrainian friends, had the chance to see the major attractions of the region and to visit Sochaczew strategic institutions.

See panorama http: The history of the mill dates back to the 15th century. The tree stand of the forests consists ineraktywny of pines, oaks and birches, and in the river valleys remains of alder forests, as well as willows, poplars, bird cherries and alder buckthorns can be found.

The guests had the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the history of Sochaczew and to exchange their opinions on culture and social issues.


You can see a picturesque panorama of the town centre and the Bzura river. On the western side of the square, the St. Apteki Poradnie Gabinety weterynaryjne. The circulation of was distributed in offices and shops. The second half of the 19th century was an unfavourable period in the Sochaczew history.

Finally, new trends in the development of metallurgy resulted in the abandonment of the construction of the plant in its original shape. Its history till is rather obscure.

The Classicist building catches the cekdg with characteristic arcades and Tuscan half-columns. In the direct vicinity of the town there stretches the Kampinoska Forest, a Global Biosphere Reserve, and the Middle Vistula Valley — pan-European ecological corridor, important for the preservation of biodiversity.

Start District Places of interest. In the ironwork was taken over by an Italian specialist Jacopo Gianotti.

wyniki – UKE

The Museum carries out research on the pre-history and history of Sochaczew and the whole region; it also collects records and material culture monuments, and publishes its own materials. The consent granted may be withdrawn at any time, but this will not affect the lawfulness of the use of the data before the withdrawal of such consent. The Classicist building of a former town hall of located on the northern side of the square is currently the seat of the Museum of the Sochaczew Region and the Battle of the Bzura River.