Each year, tens of thousands of IT and communications professionals attend Cisco Live events held around world. Hundreds of thousands more participate. Check out all of the daily happenings from the showroom floor in Orlando ! Video highlights, interviews, and photos of your fellow colleagues. IP Multicast – Watch or listen to audio, video, or multimedia presentations related Multicast Network Management (PDF – 1 MB); Secure Multicast (PDF – 4 MB).

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The most recent are listed first. The presentations from this year’s conference should be available by June 20th. The demand from students for more hands-on time in Cisco classes was the driving force behind what has become vLab, a new web based training software that enables students to remotely access and configure real Cisco equipment.

During the session, the basics of how MRA works, various deployment scenarios, Expressway basic configuration elements, DNS, and certificate requirements will be discussed.

Old Cisco Live sessions a great free resource! | CCIE or Null!

This will be an in-depth technical presentation. Lets meet this challenge head-on as network engineers who must continually fend off the blame for the performance problems and present ways to access and then proactively monitor performance deep into layer 7.

What are the tools needed to build cost-effective industry-standard server clusters and provide a foundation for networkegs provisioning and on-demand computing? Methodologies of Information Systems Security In this month’s presentation, we’ll discuss the underlying concepts, thought processes, and procedures involved when designing or assessing the security of any network-based information system. This session is intended to show a network admin what challenges he or she faces in trying to maintain security on a network.

How do we measure latency? With the rapid growth and decreasing cost of broadband, many organizations are migrating from traditional wide area network protocols such as Frame Relay or ATM to VPN solutions. Is there anything I can do to secure my network without having to purchase more equipment?

Rant: How much does Cisco Live Europe REALLY cost ? – EtherealMind

Be sure to join us for this event! Answering key questions such as: You are commenting using your WordPress. Collectively, these guys have over 30 years of experience designing, running and troubleshooting Cisco networks. Over the past decade there has been presentatiobs growing shift in the telecommunications industry from legacy TDM services to more robust and dynamic metropolitan Ethernet infrastructure.

This presentation focuses on identifying traffic, applying policy to mark traffic and adjusting rate limits on the policy. It allows Network Administrators the ability to automate Reponses to specific events that occur on the switch.


NetBrain Technologies, will offer all attendees free software to enable a group of network professionals to earn their CCIE differently — using visual presenttations.

There are many challenges when working with the phone company. This presentation will take you through what VIRL is, how to obtain it, how to install it, how to use it and the many features of this fantastic virtual network simulation tool.

Many people I met said the same thing. We will discuss the technology introduced with this platform and how it positions the Data Center for future growth. All you hear is server, cloud, storage, virtualization, video, etc…. Topics will include VLANs, spanning-tree, trunking, layer-3 switching, and design.

This presentation will explore the test preparation process and while its focus is primarily on the CCNA certification it is applicable to almost all Cisco certifications.

The long-anticipated version 8. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here IP Quality of Service Enterprises and Service Providers deploying IP networks with multiple types of applications face a variety of management challenges, from traffic engineering and capacity planning, to service assurance, service level management, and provisioning. But what really sets it apart from the competition is that it offers unprecedented presentxtions visibility through FireSIGHT, so you can capture and see far more networiers in your network environment.

Enterprise IP Multicast Design and Troubleshooting IP Multicast is fundamentally changing the way we live, work, play, and learn by providing innovative solutions that are simple, highly available, virtualized, open, and safe.

Then a signature hash can be leveraged for traditional Anti-Virus scanning engines. Clients received addresses, then lost them, then received them again, now clients can’t communicate.

Cisco Live! Presentations Available for Free

In this session, Voyence will demonstrate centralized configuration and change management of network devices and integration of VoyenceControl! Nerworkers regarded as a best selling author, even surpassing the sales of Cisco Press, Mr.

Is anyone else going? Cisco Wide Area File Services WAFS Cisco Wide Area File Services WAFS is an emerging technology solution designed to overcome performance issues associated with using standard file access protocols and provides IT administrators the means to simplify management and increase protection of their file-based data located at remote branch offices.

Presentationns will have drawings for books from our sponsors at Cisco Press and from Todd Lammelle. Cisco introduces the next generation access layer switch building upon 20 years of IOS richness now capable of supporting both wired and wireless infrastructures from a single platform.


It focuses on best practices applicable to deploying highly available campus architecture to new design options presentatios to the traditional spanning tree based L2 access design. In the presentation the presentationd components of an The same widespread connectivity that has facilitated the dramatic growth of e-business also produces distinct challenges for the network security administrator. Keith and Anthony have been training Cisco since and cannot wait to netorkers queries in the areas of Certification and beyond.

I had a great chance to attend Cisco Live Networkers last year in Barcelona. Since the CCNP curricula was more recently revised it reflects a presentarions philosophy with regards to handling Spanning Tree issues.

Real-World Examples of Network Design In this session, we will explore some actual network designs in use by a very large enterprise to support sites ranging from a few users to a few thousand users. Finally, we will go over expectations of becoming a penetration tester, we will touch on women within penetration testing and ciso you an idea of what to expect in the real world. The integration provides the ability to pull device configurations and detailed hardware information nwtworkers RME and store the data in a centralized repository as well as push configuration changes through RME to Cisco devices.

Included in the discussion on resources is a quick introduction to the new and exciting Cisco personal, Virtual Internet Routing Lab VIRL software that you will really want to include in your suite of study materials.

With this product you can create network simulations using drag-and-drop. This talk will discuss Linux KVM installations of virtual networks, networoers will discuss virtual bridging, and open vswitch installations.

It looks to go as far back asand you can filter the videos by using various methods technology, product line, technical level, event location, and networkdrs few others along with a presentatiosn text search option. When you leave this session you have an understanding of what each of the features contained in the IOS firewall feature set and a basic understanding of how to configure them. It will also introduce the audience to Fabric Path.

TCL and Expect illustrate this by giving the network administrator flexible tools to automate interactive console sessions with network devices.