Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Tessa Adams lives in Texas and teaches writing at her local community college. She is married and the mother of three. Dark Embers (Dragon’s Heat, book 1) by Tessa Adams – book cover, description, publication history. Like all dragons, Dylan, who has a dark, rampant sexual appetite, can only procreate with his destined mate-for whom he’s searched for the last.

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He tracks down bio-chemist Phoebe Quillum, never imagining the beautiful scientist would be the mate he’s been seeking. Balk rated it it was ok. Adams continues the series, if she doesn’t, this has satisfied my need for revenge for the Dragonstars. Tessaa he meets Phoebe Quillum-a biochemi dsrk. I’m thinking turning your male MC into smoke and then having him essentially turning his entire smoke-essence into a penis and screwing her with it eark pretty much on the other side of the line.

Return to Book Page. This amazing world of dragon shifters and their special abilities just sucks you in. Boy that got boring quickly. So whilst they were all over each other, etc, etc, we could see it all about to go pear shaped, it all just became very predictable and with no humour to alleviate the same, same, I got bored.

Forbidden Embers by Tessa Adams | : Books

dsrk They seem to tssa most of their time lusting after each other and having sex, which detracts from their ultimate declarations of love after knowing each other for barely a week.

Especially after searching for a couple of centuries for your mate? Swap 1 have, 17 want. All of his friends think that he is going to his death, but he is willing to go ahead with a plan that in their opinion has little chance of success. She wanted to help her people and tried to step forward and assume control, but her past role in the clan came around and bit her, making it hard for anyone to take her seriously.


Dark Embers: Dragon’s Heat Book 1

Phoebe was smart and sassy, even though that’s getting really fucking cliche at this point, the prose was good. The need to orgasm rose again, sharp, and insistent, and she tried to fight it. There is just no backstory for Logan. Someone would be standing, then th Rating: It was the execution that killed it.

For more help see the Common Knowledge help page. If you like shapeshifting dragons and lots of sex this is a good read. But her reaction is what tells you that she’s truly affected by it.

Having the King of the Dragonstars thrust upon him after the deaths of his parents and brother, Dylan had done his best to lead his people and keep them safe. His quest leads him to Dr.

Forbidden Embers (Dragon’s Heat, #3) by Tessa Adams

One of the apprehensions I had going into this book was the lack of the Dragonstar environment. Dark Embers was an amazing read from beginning to end. Logan and Cecily’s romance is satisfying but not as intense as it could have been given the circumstances. View all 3 comments. And then as I got into the story, no doubt about it, this is my kind of book. A lot of people have embdrs this book. I thought he had a great adxms to do something about it, so I couldn’t get why the others dwrk so mad.

It had been about rage, about a fury so deep the only way he could express it was physically. Really like the characters, and enjoyed the other clan being the main focus.

Cecily was such a strong heroine, befitting her royal status and Logan is her perfect match. News of the Dragonstar clan in general and perhaps some of the sentries like Shawn. This was a book worth reading and an excellent end to a great series. She finds opposition by her father’s factionnaires, but she expected this and is prepared to fight for the people pf her clan who are suffering.


Each has met and fallen for each other, and though Cecily has been honest with Logan, the same can not be said of him. This book was even better than daams first two.

Logan is his clans only hope and he is determined to find a way into the Wyvernmoon clan posing as a rouge dragon and destroy the lab that is making this deadly virus. Logan is one of Dylan’s trusted sentries.

Forbidden Embers

Logan was protective, caring and considerate towards Cecily and boy did he want her bad. No current Talk conversations about this book.

I especially loved the heroine. Harvard, where her lab is located, has decided to not extend her grant.

All Logan has to do is stick around long enough to see his enemies fail. But that last 25 percent of the book just killed it for me. He tracks down bio-chemist Phoebe Quillum, never imagining the beautiful scientist would be the mate he’s been seeking.

I started reading — now, you do need to know that when it comes to series I am quite anal I suppose you could say — I prefer to read from tesaa one on to whatever. But since there were about 50 pages left, I chugged on and just ended the book pissed off. The most annoying was that there were a lot of inconsistencies when people stood, sat, emhers dressed, etc.

It just makes me want her to give them the finger and leave them to their daams. I totally fell in love! Of course, the spoiler that other reviewers have covered in his reaction near the end ruins everything. He goes in with a single purpose, revenge. It falls to him to protect his dagk and their ancient magic. Some people might think that reviewing books is a great job.