portion of Scripture, Elpis Israel. All whom God has privileged to bring out of Gentilism into Christ, and who desire their work to withstand the fire of Christ’s. Elpis Israel Being An Exposition of the Kingdom of God. With Reference to The Time of the End, and The Age To Come. BY JOHN THOMAS. Elpis Israel has 13 ratings and 3 reviews. André said: This is a theological book written by John Thomas, founder of the Christadelphians, in a.

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Elpis Israel: An Exposition of the Kingdom of God

CHAPTER 11 — Israel unable to redeem themselves; and the nations equally powerless to their own regeneration — The reconstruction of the social fabric the work of Omnipotence by the hand of the Lord Jesus at his approaching manifestation — He will re-establish the kingdom and throne of David — The priesthood of Shiloh — The Ezekiel Temple to be built by Christ — Of the Name of Jesus — Of repentance, remission of sins, and eternal life Death-bed and gaol repentance pages Are generations of men, rebellious against God, and destroyers of the earth, to occupy it successively through an endless series of iarael CalebMyers rated it it was amazing Nov 06, CHAPTER 12 — The pandemonianism of the world — The Press, its organs to a great extent — Its conductors israsl deficient in political prevision — A divine agency israfl real source of the world’s revolutions — God hath revealed what shall come to pass — Nebuchadnezzar’s Image explained — It represents an autocracy to be manifested in these Latter Days — The Toe-kingdoms enumerated — The Vision of the Four Beasts — Of the Saints and the two Witnesses pages To believe and practice the Bible alone would be a sufficient ground of exclusion from all “orthodox” churches.

Israell 21, Darren rated it did not like it. Written Special Edition — Revised — To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign isral. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

If we question the mountains and hills, the plains and valleys, the rivers, seas and oceans of the earth, and demand their origin, why they were created, their rocks, their strata, their fossils or deposits afford us no response. In this way mankind infold themselves as in the mantle of their self-esteem.

Catalog Record: Elpis Israel : being an exposition of the | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Check out the top books ellis the year on our page Best Books of It is a system of many subordinate parts. John Thomas also has a strong understanding of history as it relates to prophecy, but some of his date calculations are quite clearly incorrect.

His heart is evil, and, left to its uncontrolled impulses, he becomes licentious, merciless and more cruel than the fiercest beasts of prey. This, however, is not the practice of those who have no secondary interests to subserve apart from the Truth.


They only desire to know that they may believe and do; but where to know more would jeopardise the vested interests of a sect and extort the confession of its leaders and members that they were in error and knew not the Truth, investigation is discouraged and the things proscribed as too speculative and mysterious for comprehension, or if understood, of no practical utility.

A very clear exposition of the core truths elpiss the Bible. Views Read Edit View history. Isrel use cookies to give you the best possible experience. He began El;is revelations by giving them, and us through them, an account of the creation of the heaven and the earth, of animals and of man.

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Be this then our commencement, and may the Lord Himself prosper our endeavours to decipher and understand His will and testament, and to disentangle them from the crude traditions and dogmatisms of contemporary theologies, useful in their beginning as oppositions to the “mystery of iniquity,” but now israe, old and ready to vanish away with the thing they have antagonised; but which, though consumptive of the civil and ecclesiastical tyranny of the “image of the beast,” have by their glosses in effect taken from the people “the Key of knowledge” and thus shut up the Kingdom of Heaven against men.

While it is an interesting academic exercise to try pin point the date, it elois a waste of time. CHAPTER 6 — God the builder of all things — Nothing accidental, but all things the result of divine premeditation — What ever exists he created isrzel his own pleasure and glory — The purpose of God in the work of creation and providence, revealed in the scriptures — The present order of things merely provisional –The economy of the fulness of appointed times the true “Intermediate State” of a thousand years’ duration — The tower of Babel builders, peacemen, and socialists — The principle upon which men attain to the angelic nature and dignity defined — God’s two-fold purpose in the foundation of the world stated — The means by which it is accomplishing Dissertation on the Elohim pages Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.

We use cookies to make your experience better. Description “Elpis Israel” from John Thomas. For all Scripture given by inspiration of God is also profitable for teaching, for conviction, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: Religious propaganda, anybody that rates this higher than one star is most likely a Christadelphian.

CHAPTER 13 — The Sin-power in its war against the seed of the woman in the west, symbolised by elips Beasts and their Image — God will surely avenge his saints — The crimes for which the nations are to be judged stated — The geography of the “Lake of Fire ” where the judgment sits — The saints the executioners of the Little Horn — They are raised from political death for this purpose — Events connected with the resurrection — The three days and a half of their unburied state explained — Their ascension — End of years — Of the time of the Beast — Diagram — Of the years pages The Best Books of Malleus Maleficarum Henricus Kramer.


This is known, felt and keenly appreciated by all interested in the support of error. The popes, as deadly, and more insidious, enemies of the Truth than the pagan Roman emperors, followed the example of Diocletian. They declare the eternal power and divinity of their Creator, but they speak not of the destiny of the earth or of man upon it. Is elpix earth israell to be cursed and sin and death to reign victorious?

For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God.

Elpis Israel/Chapter 1

Hence, in the days of Diocletian, one of the elpks predecessors of Constantine, a decree was issued commanding the surrender of all copies of the Holy Scriptures, for it was found that so long as they obtained circulation the Christian doctrine could never be suppressed.

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Rachel is currently reading it Sep 18, Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Retrieved from ” https: A thing may be unknown to such a man, but it does not therefore follow that it is either absolutely unintelligible or a secret. So true is it, that, unaided by light from heaven, “since the beginning of the world men have not heard, nor perceived by the ear, neither hath the eye seen, O God, beside Thee, what is prepared for him that waiteth for Him; but” adds the apostle in his comment upon these words of the prophet, “God hath revealed these things unto us by His spirit…which things we apostles speak, not in the words which man’s wisdom teacheth but which the Holy Spirit teacheth, interpreting spiritual things in spiritual words” 1Cor 2: He may not know of it, or, if explained to him, he may not have intellect enough to comprehend it, or his prejudices or sectarian bias may darken his understanding-this by no means makes the thing unintelligible or mysterious to other people.

Other books in this series. William Duncan Fleming is currently reading it Jan 10, Book ratings by Goodreads. Great is the consolation that “the wise shall understand,” and “shine as the brightness of the firmament. Besides glorying in men, this unfortunate peculiarity of the human mind has developed the organisation of a system of things impiously hostile to the institutions and wisdom of Jehovah. This celestial orb, which is a world or system of itself, is styled “the earth.