HyFlex® CM. 04/25 NiTi. * Source: In-house tests, at rpm simulated 30 degree root canal. T ime to S epara tion (sec.) No shape memory + Extreme flexibility. Hyflex CM and EDM Files: Revolutionizing the Art and. Science of Endodontics. Submit Manuscript | Introduction. HyFlex CM File. 1. One of the primary goals of endodontic therapy is the complete debridement of pulp tissue from the canal, coupled with.

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Current challenges and concepts in the preparation of root canal systems: Thirty mesiobuccal canals of mandibular molars with an angle of curvature ranging from 20 to 40 were divided according to the instrument used in canal preparation into three groups of ten samples each: Geometries, features, and guidelines for use.

HyFlex Rotary Files

A new tool for experimental endodontology. The ProTaper endodontic system: Comparison of nickel-titanium and stainless steel hand-file instrumentation using computed tomography.


How to cite this URL: Their detection, correction and prevention. Bar chart showing mean canal centering ability values at different distances according to groups Click here to view.

All instruments maintained the original canal curvature with significant differences between the different files. Braz Oral Res ; Bending properties of a new nickel-titanium alloy with a lower percent by weight of nickel.

HyFlex™ CM NiTi Files

None, Conflict of Interest: Indian J Dent Res ; The amount of transportation and centering ability was assessed. Descriptive statistics for canal centering ability according to distance from root apex and groups Click here to view. The teeth were instrumented according to manufacturer’s guidelines up to 30 no. BMC Oral Health ; Dent Clin North Am ; Int Endod J ; How to cite this article: Schematic representation of measurement for shaping ability Click here to view.

Cleaning and shaping the root canal.

Descriptive statistics for canal transportation according to distance from root apex and groups Click here to view. Intramanufacturer diameter and taper variability of rotary instruments and their corresponding Gutta-percha cones. Data suggested that V-Taper 2H files presented the best outcomes for both the variables evaluated.


Computed tomography evaluation of rotary systems on the root canal transportation and centering ability. The effect of preparation procedures on original hyfllex shape and on apical foramen shape. Bar chart showing mean canal transportation values at different distances according to group Click here to view. The three groups were statistically compared with analysis of variance and post hoc Tukey test.

V Taper 2H Rotary Files. An in vitro Study.