The Transsexual Empire by Janice G. Raymond Female Erasure by Ruth Barrett Blood and Visions by Autotomous Womyn’s Press Sex Changes by Christine. Transsexual Empire [Janice G Raymond] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fifteen years ago, when it was first published, The Transsexual . Szasz, Thomas () `Male and Female Created He Them’, Review of Janice G. Raymond, The Transsexual Empire, New York Times Book Review (10 Jun.).

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I agree with Janice Raymond; she simply was aware of the passive aggressiveness of the silent war and insult against naturally born women. However, Janiice think it is useful to see where people with these views are coming from, if only to be prepared to explain to them what ignorant asses they are.

The relevant patriarchal belief at play in transsexual theory, is that females are deficient males.

The Transsexual Empire: The Making of the She-Male by Janice G. Raymond

Would you agree that radical feminism has yet to integrate transzexual truly global perspective in terms of women’s oppression? Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

The Making of the She-Male ; second edition is a book about transsexualism by the American radical feminist author and activist Janice Raymond. It helps me remember and more fully understand the non-reason behind trans logic.


How often do we as radfems see this big picture you illustrate with this simple sentence? Don’t read this pile of transphobic crap, burn it and consign it to the dustbin of history. This year is the 70th anniversary of the ending of the second world war.

The Transsexual Empire – Wikipedia

Nov 13, Jessica Sideways rated it did not like it. Marilyn Frye, The Politics of Reality: Are we really no more than the absence of male body parts? Muslims are not feminists. If one writes about transsexualism or transgenderism in a critical way, that person will most likely be dismissed as transphobic by trans activists.

Surely if we’re not interested in having sex with cis women and want to sit around getting off on having vulvas, that’s a good thing isn’t it? So much to see as my night-blindness wears off. October 15, at Raymond investigates the role of transsexualism in society — particularly psychological and surgical approaches to it — and argues that transsexualism reinforces traditional gender stereotypes.

The Transsexual Empire

I see you too, BevJo. David Gofton rated it did not like it Jun 06, Why did transsexkal choose to focus on this topic, at this time? Mostly just wanted to share a bunch of these quotes because thf beat ass. Is it possible to build a radical feminist social movement given our herstory of factions? My rating is misleading. To take one example, there is gender and there is transgender. Sorry the wrong hole brother. Others asked in to present opinions were ryamond National Institute of Mental Health of the Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration who performed a literature review and provided an opinion of the efficacy of sex change surgery.


It exposed the antifeminist stereotyping that requires candidates for transsexual surgery to prove themselves by conforming to subjective, outdated and questionable feminine roles and “passing” as women. She claims this is done in order “to colonize feminist identification, culture, politics and sexuality “, adding: Mar 31, Bryn rated it did not like it.

Were it not for this book, I would never have taken the most wonderful step in trsnssexual life – the decision to have children with my partner.

Can you touch upon what you want to highlight in this talk? We are all familiar with this. I admit to hate reading this ten years ago.