Koinos is a magazine about teenage boys, published quarterly by the Amikejo foundation in the Netherlands. First published in KOINOS MAGAZINE #21 (/1). Youthful Sexual Experience and Well-being. Important Conference in Rotterdam. Bob Ferguson. Koinos magazine.. Edition/Format: Journal, magazine: Periodical: English. Rating: (not yet # Koinos magazine.

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Pedophile press is the set of print publications aimed specifically at pedophiles. Although the majority of these research reports share the assumptions regarding causality, intensity, pervasiveness and equal effect for boys and girls, they are not always unanimous in their conclusions.

It is also striking that rather often they deal with the interpretation of connections based on statistical evidence okinos a slipshod manner.

In qualitative literature investigation, one assembles the judgements of previous research reports and summarizes in words what appears to be being said there. With that, however, the question is still not answered of to what degree the CSA experiences can be held responsible for this.

It koinos magazine a professional layout and an impressive editorial board koinos magazine reviewed the submissions to the journal. Bruce Rind and Dr. It can provide Inthe Amikejo Foundation of Netherlands published the first issue of Koinos, a bilingual magazine in English and German about the beauty.

The national koinos magazine proved to be magazinf great use in testing the prevailing opinions about CSA.

Do not request, offer, or post links to illegal material, including pictures. Other causes apparently are at least as important a factor.

It is also generally true that people do not necessarily experience the same forms of sexual contact in the same ways. The USA made using children koinos magazine pornography illegal inhowever, koinos magazine of those magazines had never involved any kind of kkoinos act in the first place.

The Journal of Paedophilia, Vol. Other speakers Several Dutch speakers, such as the retired psychiatrist Wijnand Sengers, clinical psychologist Lex van Naerssen, and of course Rev. Philip Tromovitch, they have published two new scientific articles in which koinod provide statistical meta-analyses research on research regarding sexual experiences of minors with older persons.


The divergences, however, appear to be significantly less. Recent analyses of koinos magazine research in this field, though, indicate that a number of these assumptions are untenable, or at the very least must be nuanced.

I find it remarkable that Rind and Bauserman do not qualify either their own earlier study, or that of Constantine fromwhich was their leading model, as meta-analyses.

From this study, it appears that koinps are no differences in generalized magasine of well-being between women who as children suffered from non-sexual abuse, neglect or negative environmental factors such as criminality or drug abuse in the home, and women who suffered all these plus CSA experiences.

Meta-analyses show a statistically significant relation between CSA experiences and poor adjustment. In the world of mental health care, politics, police and the courts, but also in the media and among the public at large, a number of assumptions have become widespread regarding sexual interactions with children and youth in which coercion or a significant difference in age is present, interactions which in the literature are generally termed Child Sexual Abuse CSA.

For instance, they almost exclusively examined female populations, and did not investigate to what degree the connection demonstrated koinos magazine CSA and koinos magazine was caused by CSA, or by other factors such as problematic family situations.

In order to avoid the problems which qualitative literature investigations present, a number of quantitative literature investigations, or meta-analyses, can be done, based on statistical techniques which make it possible to compare the results of different research projects with each other numerically, and to combine them into more general conclusions. In this koinos magazine article, two recent, previous meta-analyses are dealt with more specifically: In koinos magazine they test koinos magazine scientific accuracy of the concept of Child Sexual Abuse CSA and four conceptions or implications customarily associated with it.


All of these characteristics have been developed from research koinos magazine clinical populations; Bauserman and Rind had already previously koinos magazine see Koinos 17 that the fourth of these characteristics is not valid for non-clinical populations. The effect size is generally expressed as a percentage. In other words, the differences between clinical and more general populations are considerable, and the effect size is small in general populations.

A good way of testing the assumption that sexual abuse is a special threat to public mental health is to take a representative sample of the population and try to draw conclusions from that.

Koinos – BoyWiki

Misinformation koinos magazine child sexual abuse and adult survivors. Koiinos Tor, or a proxy. Van Naerssen observed koinos magazine many of his male patients experience sexual problems because they were shown too little physical affection in their youth, not because they were maltreated or abused.

It is also significant in this connection that women reported incestuous experiences more koinos magazine than men, that their CSA experiences took place at younger ages, and that they were significantly more often accompanied by coercion or violence.

The subjectivity of the researchers also appears to be an important factor in producing a distorted image.


In seven koinos magazine and three koinos magazine populations and personsquestions were also asked about current reflections on the experience. The effect size tells us how large the difference is in psychological adjustment between persons with and without CSA experiences. We will have to acknowledge that children are sexual beings and we will have to make an active investment in their maturity.