Editorial Reviews. Review. `It was not only the ripping-yarn action of the stories and the Kindle Store; ›; Kindle eBooks; ›; Crafts, Hobbies & Home. This title is. The presence of a man-eating tiger in the Indian province of Naini Tal spread fear and panic throughout the impoverished rural community. This tigress had. Corbett’s description of his campaign against the man-eaters of the Kumaon Hills shows the qualities that a successful shikari needs, physical strength, infinite.

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Man-eaters of Kumaon | Rupa Publications

Corbett’s description of his campaign against the man-eaters of the Kumaon Hills shows the qualities that a successful shikari needs, physical strength, infinite patience, great power of observation and power not only to notice small signs but also to draw the right inference from those signs.

Throwing caution to the winds I shouted to the Tahsildar to bring me his gun. A little more patience and they would tell us if he was alive. You’ve successfully reported this review.

Man-Eaters of Kumaon by Jim Corbett – Download link

Death was instantaneous, for, when found the following day, she was grasping her sickle with one hand and holding a tuft of grass, which she was about to cut when struck, with the other. Leaving his little less miserable brothers and sisters, he walked once round me, and then curled himself up between my big feet. Having signalled to Robin to carry on along our original line, we went past the lantana bush, in which he showed no interest, to a channel washed out by rain-water.

Thereafter the men started beating their drums and firing off their guns, and in this way we proceeded for more than a mile right up to the head of the valley, where we found the woman, who was little more than a girl, lying dead on a great slab of rock. However, even after exercising the greatest care over the shot, I have sometimes only wounded leopards and tigers, who have rampaged round before being quietened by a second or third shot, and only once during all the years that we have shot together has Robin left dbook in a tight corner.


The sportsman will find much to entertain and inform him in Major Corbett’s book. Promising to do his best, he left for Champawat, while I climbed the hill to the bungalow. Half a mile down the hill the ravines converged, and from their junction there was a good view of the rocky, and grass-covered, slope to the right. Back in the village I tried to get the men who I could see were very surprised I had survived the night to take me to the places where the people of the village had from time to time been killed, kumapn this they were unwilling to do.

As soon as the tiger and its victim were out of sight, the terror-stricken women and girls ran back to the village. The sound of the growling and the expectation of an attack terrified me at the same time as it gave me hope. Several of these eters after striking a bone had doubled back in the form of a U, the point, and the broken-off end, being quite close together.

Man-Eaters of Kumaon by Jim Corbett

As the grey dawn was lighting up the snowy range which I was facing, I rested my head on my drawn-up knees, and it was in this position my men an hour later found me fast asleep; of the tiger I had neither heard nor seen anything. I was sitting on the south edge of a great amphitheatre of hills, without a habitation of any kind in sight. My servant immediately set about preparing a substantial meal for me, and at 3 p.

Eddie, who will long be remembered in this province as a sportsman par excellence and the possessor of an inexhaustible fund of shikar yarns, was one of those few, and very fortunate, individuals who possess the best of everything in life. Eatees Wanted Man with bonus short story Not a Drill. Pandemonium had broken loose on the ridge.

By evening I had reached the upper end of the valley, with- out having seen the tigers and without having received any indication from bird or animal of their presence in the jungle. No, cancel Yes, report it Thanks! You can remove the unavailable item s now eboook we’ll kf remove sbook at Checkout.


The men gained the crest of the hill and set off eastwards, singing on their triumphal march, while the Tahsildar and I turned west and made for Champa wat.

Fortunately the little pony was as strong on his legs as he was tough inside, and by holding his tail on the up-grades, riding him on the flat, and running behind him on the down-grades, we covered the forty-five miles to Naini Tal ebok 9 a.

After an early tea that morning I announced that I wanted meat for my men and asked the villagers if they could direct me to where I could shoot a ghooral mountain goat. This part of the jungle was not frequented by man, and there was not one chance in a fo of anyone passing sbook way by night, and last, and the best reason of all for leaving the leopard, M.

The men carrying my camp equipment had done eight miles and were quite willing to carry on, but on learning from the villagers that the path to this village, ten miles away, was very rough and ran through dense forest I decided to send my men with the villagers to Dalkania, and visit the scene of the tiger’s attack alone.

Kill Me If You Can. maan

When, therefore, a tiger is suffering from one or more painful wounds, or when its teeth are missing or defec- tive and its claw worn down, and it is unable to catch the ani- mals it has been accustomed to eating, it is driven by necessity to killing human beings. A cub will eat whatever its mother provides, and I have even known of tiger cubs assisting their mothers to kill human beings: The children of the house had been round- eyed spectators of these proceedings and, hearing me talking to them, their mother, who was inside cooking, came to the door.

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