In , the anti-Fascist activists Ernesto Rossi and Altiero Spinelli, placed under house arrest on the Italian island of Ventotene, draw up a manifesto for a free. Download, Total Views, Stock, ∞. File Size, KB. File Type, pdf. Create Date, Wednesday December 7th, Last Updated. Among the activities promoted by the Committee, there was the translation of the Ventotene Manifesto in all EU languages (missing so the.

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Furthermore, it is easier to find ventotnee basis of agreement for a European arrangement of colonial possessions since England has accepted the principle of India’s independence and since France has potentially lost its entire empire in recognizing its defeat.

Its methodical propaganda must penetrate everywhere there are people oppressed by the present regime.

Ventotene Manifesto

Libraries and bookshops are purged of all works not considered venttene be orthodox. The slow process which led huge masses of men to be meekly shaped by the new regime, who adjusted to it and ventotee contributed to its consolidation, has been halted and the reverse process has started. The manifesto called for a break with Europe’s past ventotens form a new political system through a restructuring of politics and extensive social reform.

Inpromoted by the University La Sapienza in Rome under the patronage of the President of the Republic, the National Committee was established for the celebrations of the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Altiero Spinelli.

All those countries which managed to escape Germany’s grasp would be forced to adopt the very same forms of political organization to be adequately prepared for the continuation of hostilities. In this field, nationalization must certainly be introduced on a vast scale, without regard for acquired rights.

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The Ventotene Manifesto in all EU laguanges – Istituto di Studi Federalisti Altiero Spinelli

The Ventotene Manifesto — French 1. The workers must once again be free to choose their own trusted representatives when collectively establishing the conditions under which they will agree to work, and the State must give them the legal means to guarantee the proper implementation of the terms agreed to. In the text, European Federalism and World Federalism are presented as a way to prevent future wars.

They will certainly be the most dangerous force to be faced. We are thus proposing an agrarian reform which will increase the number of owners enormously by giving land to those who actually farm it and an industrial reform which will extend workers’ ownership in non-nationalized sectors, through co-operative adventures, employee profit-sharing, and so on.

Because of the economic interdependence of the entire world, the living space required by any people which wants to maintain a living standard consistent with modern civilization can only be the entire world.

This policy attracts no class other than the workers, who thus deprive the other progressive forces of their support, or alternatively leaves them at the mercy of the reaction which skilfully organizes them so as to break up the proletarian movement.


But when this State control is achieved, it does not produce the desired results but mamifesto to a regime where the entire population is subservient to a restricted class of bureaucrats who run the economy. I- The crisis of modern civilization Modern civilization has taken the principle maifesto freedom as its basis, a principle which holds that man must not be a mere instrument to be used by others but an autonomous centre of life.

This arises only when the tendency has been to shape a servile society.

This threatened to dissolve the State into countless economic fiefdoms, each bitterly opposed to the others. It would be superfluous to dwell at length on constitutional institutions, not knowing at this stage, or being able to foresee, the circumstances under which they will be drawn up and will have to operate.

The first group is the one which least gave in to the totalitarian rod and which will the quickest to reorganize its ranks. Their crowning dream is a constituent assembly, elected by the broadest suffrage, which scrupulously respects the rights of the electors, who must decide upon the constitution they want. Modern civilization has taken the principle of freedom as its basis, a principle which holds that man must not be a mere instrument to be used by others but an autonomous centre of life.

The Ventotene Manifesto — Romanian All the old conservative institutions that have hindered this process will either have collapsed or will be teetering on the verge of collapse.

Political freedom with these foundations will not just have a formal meaning but a real meaning for all since citizens will be independent, and will be sufficiently informed as to be able to exert continuous and effective control over the ruling class.

To all of this must be added the disappearance of some of the most important dynasties, and the fragility of the basis which sustains the ones that survive.

Many of those who were ingenuously attracted by the myth of corporativism, can and should be attracted by the job of renewing structures.

Ventoten a sufficient number of men in the main European countries understand this, then victory will soon fall into their hands, since both circumstances and opinion will be favourable to their efforts.

In order to keep the working classes immobilized and subjugated, the trade unions, once free organizations of struggle, run by individuals who enjoyed the trust of their members, have been turned into institutions for police surveillance run by employees chosen by the ruling class and responsible only to them. If this end is achieved, the forces of reaction will have won. In order to respond to our needs, the European revolution must be socialist, i. The Ventotene Manifesto — Maltese Unavoidably, it needs to fill a gap that still exists between its institutions and citizens.


Corporativism can only be concretely expressed in the form it was given by totalitarian States ventoteen the workers beneath officials who monitored everything they did in the interests of the ventotenw class The revolutionary party cannot be amateurishly improvised at the decisive moment, but must begin to be formed at least as regards its central political attitude, its upper echelons, the basic directives for action.

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All religious faiths are to be equally respected, but the State must no longer have earmark funds for religion. Sergio Fabbrini suggests a return to the federalist idea within a new political agreement that can actually refresh venfotene work of the EU institutions. The Ventotene Manifesto — Bulgarian With this code at hand, all those aspects of society that have not respected this principle have been placed on trial, a great historical trial.

It is an economic regime in which, through the right of inheritance, the power of money is perpetuated in the same class, and is transformed into a privilege that in no way corresponds to the social value of the services manifewto rendered. The reactionary forces manifedto capable men and officers who have been trained to command and who will fight tenaciously to preserve their supremacy.

The Manifesto of Ventotene () – CVCE Website

The principle of non intervention turned out to be absurd: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Manifesto called for a federation of Europe and the world. As the democrats wear down their initial popularity as assertors of freedom by their endless polemic, and in the absence of any serious political and social revolution, the pre-totalitarian political institutions would inevitably be reconstituted, and the struggle would again develop along the lines of the old class opposition.

This process should have been the synthesis of the freely expressed and changing economic and ideological needs of all social classes. The intellectuals, particularly the younger intellectuals, are the group which feels most spiritually suffocated and disgusted with the current despotism.

Private property must be abolished, limited, corrected, or extended according to the circumstances and not according to any dogmatic principle. But their ability to maintain the workers as far removed from the other revolutionary forces as they can, by preaching that their “real” revolution is yet to come, turns them into a sectarian element that weakens the sum of the progressive forces at the decisive moment. The Ventotene Manifesto Italian: Liberal and democratic systems increasingly lost their prestige by becoming the tools that these groups will always resort to in order to exploit all of society even more.